What religion is beyonce and jay z

what religion is beyonce and jay z

6 Signs Beyonce Is In The Illuminati, Regardless Of What She Says In 'Formation'

Jun 16,  · Beyonce and Jay-Z | Larry Busacca/PW18/Getty Images for Parkwood Entertainment What religion is Beyonce? Beyonce was born and raised in Houston, Texas. Jun 21,  · To sum up, there is convincing evidence to believe that Beyonce is, in fact, the queen of Illuminati and that his religion is Satanism. It has openly decided to turn its back on Christianity and now seems to be working more time to promote satanic activities that will culminate in the new world order.

Before I get into deep with this. I just want to say for most of you who follow my blog. Apparently, Larry and Jay used to share an apartment in the midtown Manhattan luxury high rise Trump Tower. They even shared each other clothes and Jay Z has even gave Larry some brotherly advice about his modeling career as well, oh yes.

He even lended his roc-a-fella what to expect during my pregnancy on occasions. Now these rumors coincide with a series of tweets from Larry Johnson, this is what he had to say. He started talking about the pedophilla in Hollywood with the Pizzagate, and there codes for children, I know sick.

Oh, and not to mention how much the Royal family has stolen and is now parading around London with it. He how does insurance determine value of totaled car on to talk about people souls and falling for the ideology and being brainwashed by the masses. Now, not to throw a wrench in the revelation of Jay Z and he being roommates and them being lovers. Who we all know is a devil worshiper and an ungrateful, rebellious child turned man.

Who went on a so-called spiritual sabbatical and gained a lot of followers just like Jesus. I think a lot of people confuses the two. So, could it be that the initial P. R contract relationship that was supposed to have been temporally to clean up Jay Z image at the time and boost and publicized Beyonce for her at the time of her upcoming first solo album.

But is this support not only for more fans, but also for personal preferences. Is this arrangement, I mean marriage, a real union or all just for money and image. Because as we all know Jay Z hid the fact that his mother was gay for years and even cried when she finally spoken out.

To be a gay rapper is highly frowned upon. And Beyonce and Jay-Z take their image very seriously. Be happy and in love in public and do our dirt behind closed doors. And when they came out, the whole town was shocked. Because they really played the straight role very well. So he does like athletes and a lot of them are gay.

Oh and Sean Combs and he are very close aside for the secrets between the two. And one of them being Cathy White, whereas it was Sean Combs who introduced the two, knowing he was dating Beyonce. So, maybe the connection goes deeper than just friendship. Whom started playing virtual reality games. And later started having virtual relations together, of-course playing a man and a woman.

But feeling the reactions in reality and liked it. Could this be one of those moments? Anyway, tell me your thoughts below could Jay Z be bisexual? Are Beyonce and Jay Z arrangement just a coverup to hide their sexual preferences among other things? You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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That Little Triangle Shape Beyonce Makes With Her Hands

Jan 20,  · The Connection Between Umbanda Spiritism, Black Lives Matter, Beyonce' and Jay-Z. Umbanda is a religion originating from Brazil in the early s. Umbanda . Feb 17,  · As the theory goes, both Beyonce and her husband, Jay Z, are big supporters of the Illuminati, the rumored 18th-century intellectual secret society Author: Kenza Moller. Mar 06,  · Jay-Z is non-denominational monotheistic, meaning he believes in one God, but not necessarily Christian, Jewish, or Muslim. Political Views He has said things that would make one believe he hates politics and politicians, but he's supported Obama, so we're going to call him a Democrat.

Who run the world? The Illuminati. While the rest of the world only heard her reference the Illuminati recently in her new song, "Formation," there's people who have known of the Beylluminati connection for ages now. Consider yourself enlightened.

They sound just awful, don't they? If you're not ready for the truth, you should close out of this window now. No, don't analyze those lyrics too carefully. It doesn't matter what she appeared to be saying about her Illuminati speculators — that is obviously just a cover-up so that she could subliminally get the public thinking about the Illuminati.

If you play it backwards, I'd bet it sounds just like devil worship, too. Is your mind blown right now? That triangle looks exactly like the triangle that represented the Illuminati. Jay Z uses it to represent his record label, Roc-A-Fella Records because he is also an Illuminati member — keep up, now, folks. The power couple is obviously giving a shoutout to their Illuminati homies every time they do this I'm told their Illuminati squad include Lady Gaga, Madonna, and Kanye West.

Not likely. But here's the thing: she's not. I bet you can't unsee it now. Very sneaky, you two, but the world is on to you. Aaliyah's unfortunate death in was actually due to her desire to leave the Illuminati much like Scientology, the Illuminati have trouble letting go , according to Refinery Aaliyah was on her way to great heights with the Illuminati backing her, but when she decided she wanted to leave the secret group, she was killed as a blood sacrifice so the theory goes.

If you really want to get further into it, there's some solid numerology to back it all up. If you define "solid" really loosely. During her performance, she used black, white, and fire — which are all super satanic, yo. And there was a blackout, which was obviously caused by her evil Illuminati ways. In a interview with Marie Claire , she even straight-up revealed that when she's performing as Sasha Fierce , she's not herself. I mean, if she had three hands, she'd be flashing three sixes, and everyone knows that's just about as bad as it gets.

Of course not. Obviously, it's the work of a bunch of inside Illuminati members with high-up connections in the music industry. You think her empire was the product of talent and hard work? Don't be silly. Open your eyes to the Illuminati.

Use it wisely, friends. So, are you ready for the damning proof? April See All Trying Birth After. Raising Kids.

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