What is calcium hydroxide used for in food

what is calcium hydroxide used for in food

What is Calcium Hydroxide?

Apr 12,  · Food-grade lime is the form of calcium hydroxide used in food. Pickling and calcium hydroxide Pickling lime is sometimes used during the pickling process to give pickles an extra crunch. Absolute Astronomy states that calcium hydroxide is used in the processing of some soft drinks and alcohol beverages.

Calcium is an essential mineral that is found in a variety of forms in nature. The various forms of calcium share an intimate chemical relationship with each other and the physical environment. These relationships are important in understanding the differences in the forms of calcium and how each form is used in food and traditional medicine production.

The various forms of calcium in the environment are constantly changing. However, when the correct conditions are induced, the result is the formation of the mineral portlandite 1. Portlandite is the naturally occurring form of calcium hydroxide 1. Portlandite is also formed during the curing of concrete 1. The most noted location of natural portlandite is in Northern Ireland, but calcium hydroxide is actually formed and used commonly for a variety of natural and chemical processes 1.

The most common form of calcium is found in the minerals calcite and aragonite, which make up the bulk of limestone deposits. These minerals are made up of calcium carbonate and are believed to form naturally from deposits of coral and oyster beds.

When calcium carbonate is heated in a process referred to as burning or calcining, it forms calcium oxide, also known as quicklime. This reaction is reversible such that cooling the calcium oxide will change it back to calcium carbonate. If water is added to the calcium oxide, the process is termed slaking or hydration,and calcium hydroxide will form, also known as slaked-lime. Exposure to carbon dioxide will cause setting or carbonation of the calcium, which returns it to the form of calcium carbonate.

Calcium hydroxide is a basic compound that is often used in the preparation of foods such as in the process of making corn tortillas. This paste is also used in Native American cultures to increase the bioavailability of other nutrients and plant alkaloids. The application of this process is still practiced in the preparation of corn dough for tortillas and tamales.

Traditionally prepared calcium hydroxide is also used in the preparation of various ethnobotanicals such as chewing tobacco, betel nut or coca leaves. The addition of calcium hydroxide ultimately increases the ability of the body to absorb certain compounds within the plant.

In the case of corn, it allows for vitamin B3, or niacin, absorption. Niacin is important in reducing the incidence of pellagra, a disease characterized by diarrhea, dermatitis and dementia that can result from niacin deficiency. Bob Goat is a health and fitness writer. His research experience includes embryology, immunodiagnostics, genetic engineering and stem cells with expertise in gene and protein expression modification and embryonic development.

He has had work published in academic journals, presented research at several national and international conferences and received numerous awards.

He has a Ph. Monitor the health of your community here. More Articles. Written by Dr. How to download new software for iphone 4 Goat. Traditional methods of producing calcium hydroxide include heating or burning pulverized oyster shells or bird egg shells, both high in calcium carbonate, and what is calcium hydroxide used for in food adding the ashes to water to make a paste of calcium hydroxide 2.

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Bonekey Rep. Portlandite mineral data.

Hair Care Products

The alkaline agent used in the nixtamalization process is frequently referred to as Calcium Hydroxide. But what exactly is it? First, let’s back up a bit. To make corn tortillas you’ll need to soak the corn in an alkaline . It should be applied in liberal quantities and remain in contact with excreta for at least 2 hr. Calcium hydroxide is now used in place of calcium oxide in prepn of lime water. Lime soaps formed by reaction of calcium hydroxide with vegetable oils are adhesive and are sometimes used as ointment base (lime liniment or "carron oil").

Calcium hydroxide, informally referred to as slaked lime, is a compound created through the mixture of calcium oxide with water. The resultant substance is a white powder or crystal compound with strong alkaline properties. Calcium hydroxide has widespread uses, including applications in dental work, hair care products, leather production, food manufacturing and others.

According to the National Institutes of Health, calcium hydroxide is commonly used in dental work as an antimicrobial, and is the substance of choice for forming a protective layer known as an apical barrier. Apical barriers are sometimes employed as a means of warding off pulp necrosis in situations when endodontic surgery would be especially difficult, often the result of an immature permanent tooth. Since calcium hydroxide can help disinfect a tooth where an infection already exists, it may be used as a short-term treatment for reducing pain and swelling in preparation for endodontic surgery.

Absolute Astronomy states that calcium hydroxide is used as the active alkaline ingredient in some hair relaxer products. Hair relaxers are creams or liquids that are designed to straighten curly hair when applied, and many of these products contain lye, a powerful caustic. Lye poses a certain risk of hair and skin damage, however, so some hair product manufacturers have created no-lye versions that use calcium hydroxide in its place.

According to the Cornell Center for Materials Research, calcium hydroxide can straighten curly hair because it breaks down the sidulfide bonds that connect cysteines, the amino acids that are present in higher concentrations in naturally curly hair. Breaking these bonds and sealing them off with calcium hydroxide permanently alters the physical structure of the treated hairs. Calcium hydroxide makes an effective solution for separating hair from animal hides in preparation for the production of leather, according to Van Dyke's Taxidermy.

A mixture of calcium hydroxide and warm water creates a bath in which freshly fleshed hides should be soaked for up to four days, and stirred frequently.

This process loosens the hair and fur to the point that it can usually be removed by hand. After all of the hair has been removed with hands or fleshing tools, the hides must be rinsed thoroughly and steeped in an ammonium sulfate bath to halt the calcium hydroxide's caustic lime action and balance the pH. Absolute Astronomy states that calcium hydroxide is used in the processing of some soft drinks and alcohol beverages.

It is also commonly used in the processing of Lutefisk, a traditional Swedish dish. Lutefisk, according to the Nordic Recipe Archive, is a stockfish that is soaked in cold water for several days, then soaked in a combination of water and lye or another harshly caustic substance like calcium hydroxide. This soaking cycle breaks down the proteins, resulting in a delicate fish with a jelly-like consistency. It also makes the fish caustic, so several additional days of soaking in water, changed daily, is required before the fish can be eaten.

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He lives and works in Chicago, ll. Calcium hydroxide is used in some dental procedures. Dental Antimicrobial Solution. Hair Care Products. Leather Production. Food Production. National Institutes of Health: Use of calcium hydroxide for apical barrier formation and healing in non-vital immature permanent teeth Absolute Astronomy: Calcium Hydroxide Cornell Center for Materials Research: How do relaxers on your hair work?

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