What countries accept euro dollars

what countries accept euro dollars

27 Countries That Accept U.S. Dollars as Currency

Jan 30,  · Countries currently using the euro: Andorra (not an EU member) Austria Belgium Cyprus Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Ireland Italy Kosovo (not all countries recognize Kosovo as an independent nation) Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Malta Monaco (not in the EU) Montenegro (not in the EU) The. Note that the Euro is a foreign currency in Switzerland, but will be accepted. However, change will be in Swiss francs. However, change will be in Swiss francs. Top 12 best-value European destinations for

The euro is the form of money for the 19 member countries of the eurozone. It's the second-most widely used currency in foreign exchange forex trading after the U. It's also the second-most widely held foreign exchange reserve used by central banks. The euro was initially proposed to unify the entire European Union. All 28 member nations pledged to adopt the euro when they joined the EU, but they must meet budget and other criteria before they can countrie switch currencies.

These were set out by the Maastricht Treaty. Euros are divided into euro cents, each euro cent is one one-hundredth of a euro. The bills also have raised print, while the coins have distinct countrues. As ofthere are 19 member countries of the European Union that use the euro as official currency.

Fourteen African nations peg their currency to the euro. Iran prefers euros for all foreign transactions, including oil, of which Iran has the fourth-largest reserves in the world. Countries receive many benefits for adopting the euro. Smaller ones have the advantage of being backed by Europe's powerhouse economies, Germany and France.

The euro allows these weaker countries to enjoy lower interest rates, because the euro isn't as risky to investors as a currency with less demand from users and traders. Over the years, these lower interest rates have led to more foreign investment, which has boosted the smaller nations' economies.

Some say the more developed countries reaped greater rewards from the euro. Their larger companies countrirs produce more at a lower cost, thus benefiting from economies of scale. They exported their cheap goods to the less-developed eurozone nations, and smaller companies couldn't compete. These larger companies how to install svn server profited how to start a cable tv channel investing cheaply in the less-developed economies.

That increased prices and wages in the smaller countries, but not the larger ones. The larger businesses gained even more of a competitive advantage. In a sense, the euro allowed them to export the inflation that typically comes with the expansionary phase of the business cycle. They enjoyed the benefits of high demand and production without paying the higher price. With all these advantages, why haven't the remaining eight EU members adopted the euro?

Some countries are reluctant to give up some authority over their monetary and fiscal policies when they join the eurozone. Adopting the euro means countries also lose the ability to print their currency. That ability allows them to control inflation by raising interest rates or contries the money supply.

The first phase of the euro launch occurred in when it was introduced as the currency for electronic payments. These included credit and debit cards, loans, and other uses ahat accounting purposes. During this initial phase, what countries accept euro dollars currencies were used for cash only. Eleven nations adopted it right away. The second phase was launched in when euro coins and banknotes appeared in physical form. Each country has its own distinct form of the euro coin. The euro-to-dollar conversion is how many dollars the euro can buy at any given time, as measured by the current exchange rate.

Forex traders on the foreign exchange market determine exchange rates, which change on a moment-by-moment basis, depending on how traders assess the risk vs. Traders base their assessment on a number of factors. These include central bank interest rates, sovereign debt levels, and the strength of the country's economy.

The ECB website provides the current exchange rate for the euro. Investors fled from dollar-denominated investments during the near-bankruptcy of investment bank Bear Stearns.

As it became apparent the U. InGreece announced it might default on its debt. The EU reassured investors that it would guarantee the debt of all eurozone members. At the same euo, it asked indebted countries to install austerity measures to ratchet down their spending. The European economy has rebounded since then, but some say the eurozone crisis still threatens the future of the euro and the EU itself.

After the U. It is the official currency of 19 countries in the European Union, as well as four wht territories. The euro was created to facilitate and integrate the European economy, and it is managed by the ECB. Other European countries such as Denmark use their own currency. They have opted to set their own interest rates and monetary policies and maintain independence of their own economies.

But in a financial crisis, they must manage on their own without the assistance of the ECB. Bank of International Settlements. European Central Bank. International Monetary Fund. European Union Central Bank. European Union. European Commission. Max Planck Sciences Po Center. Accessed Feb. Shana Petro Energy Information Network. Energy Information Administration. Center for Strategic and International Studies. Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. Congressional Research Service. Council on Foreign Relations.

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How countries join. In order to join the euro area, EU member states are required to fulfil so-called 'convergence criteria'. These binding economic and legal conditions were agreed in the Maastricht Treaty in and are also known as 'Maastricht criteria'. All EU Member States, except Denmark, are required to adopt the euro and join the euro area, once they are ready to fulfil them. Feb 07,  · They are Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Spain. 9 ???? Four non-EU territories also use the euro; they are Andorra, Vatican City, Monaco, and San Marino. 10 ????. Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain. In addition to.

Wondering if countries with their own currency will still accept the Euro? We will be using a credit card whenever possible, but wondering if Euros will be accepted for small purchases, such as coffee, postcards, etc.

In most countries it's easy to pay with Euro - in few cases you get your change in their local currency. Maybe we a light worse conversion rate: except Estonia: in preperation to inaugural the Euro they have a fixed conversion rate to the Euro.

Some of the countries are not in the Baltic Sea but sometimes on a classical Baltic Sea-itinerary. The US Dollar is accept all over, but the conversion rate is very poor in many places.

Like if you pay for something in Stockholm with US Dollars, you will get change back in Swedish Krona, and a very poor exchange rate a that. Same can be said for most of the countries. Not to be on a soap box or anything, but when you are visiting another country, you should try and use their currency, as a sign of respect for their country.

At least that's my very humble opinion. As HeinBloed has already pointed out, Finland is Euro country. Based on my own experience, Euro was only accepted in Tallinn and St.

When we tried to take a canal cruise in Copenhagen, they accepted only DKK in cash no Euro, no credit card. Cruise lines also provide currency exchange service though with poor rate. But, on the other hand, if you only exchange for a small amount, you are not going to lose too much anyway. The island I live in has become a popular cruise stop and I have noticed that many shops now accept US dollars. The rate is pretty bad but if thats the currency the cruisers want to use then shop owners will happily take the money.

Its the visitor that is losing out because of the exchange rates but if their happy with that then its really not a big deal. The reason for the poor rate offered from retailers is due to the rates UK banks buy back foreign notes at - have you ever come home from holiday with currency and though about changing it back People asked this question on Baltic board because many Baltic cruises visit 7 or more countries in a single trip and spend less than 8 hours in most ports.

Therefore, some cruise passengers want to know whether they can "get away" with dollars or Euros in those non-Euro countries. By LauraS Started October 12, New Forum: Cruise Critic Asks!

Which countries will accept the Euro? Recommended Posts. Posted March 18, Link to post Share on other sites. HeinBloed Posted March 18, TheGenie Posted March 18, Or conversely, Do most of the merchants and Baltic countries accept Dollars? I read that if you paid with new crisp US Dollars in many places that was acceptable?

Giantfan13 Posted March 19, Posted March 19, Posted March 24, It's not difficult to draw some of the local currency from an ATM these days. Irish Posted March 24, Desert Cruisers Posted March 24, LoisGriffin1 Posted March 24, Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Go to topic listing. Forum Jump. Forum Assistance.

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