How to use revlon photoready bb cream

how to use revlon photoready bb cream

PhotoReady BB Cream SPF 30 Review

Our BB cream can be worn alone on bare skin or over your skin-care products for extra moisture ; Either way, just dab it onto your cheeks, nose, and forehead and blend outward/5(11). Dec 15,  · Directions to use: Press the tube gently. Now, apply the bb cream in dots. Try to join the dots by blending them on face with light hands. Packaging – This Photoready BB cream comes in a shiny silver tube. The tube is medium in size and light weight. The tube contains the product details which is quite descriptive.

Other Concerns Non-reproductive organ system toxicity moderate ,Occupational hazards high. Determines the extent to which the ingredient in this product are capable of clogging skin pores Know More. Determines the extent to which the ingredient in this product can cause irritation on your skin Know More.

Note: Our analysis counts for the known ingredients out of total ingredientsSome ingredients remain undisclosed phootready the brands and some we might not have enough information.

Photoreay photo ready bb cream is a bb cream that looks seamless in reality as well as in photography. It blends how to make a road bike more comfortable and gives a medium coverage. It helps to fill in the pores and smoothens the skin texture. It is light weight and gives the skin a fresh and radiant look.

Must try. This bb cream is gow good bb cream that can be bought from any drugstore. It doesn't appear like a foundation and is of a great texture rather than other cc or bb creams. Its coverage is good for regular usage in day time and lasts for a very long period.

Revlon Photoready BB Cream claims that it made for all types. It says that it nourishes and hydrates the hwo at the same time gives coverage to the skin for a perfect look. From my experience, I can say that the claims are true but not completely. This BB cream has a wonderful texture that glides on the skin and blends easily.

It hiw gives medium coverage for a light makeup look. It acts like a primer in hiding light imperfections. But, it cannot be used for full coverage as it tends to look cakey if layered. This BB cream hpw Revlon settles in the pores and gives a blurred look similar to using a primer.

But if you have oily or acne-prone skin, then this might not be the ideal option for you. As it clogs the pores and might cause breakouts. It comes in three shades to choose from which I feel. I wish there were more shades in this BB cream so that everyone can use this for a light makeup look. Dry-skinned what is the crystal system of a diamond will like this BB cream because it has a moisturizing effect on the skin.

But fo oily skin, this might feel a but heavy. It tends to make the face greasy with time and so I completely avoid using this. Moreover, the shades do not match with my skin tone and are either too light or make it look ashy.

The only way I could put this tube of beauty-benefit cream to use is by mixing it with my oil-free moisture to tone it down and just get a tint. I usually use concealers before using this BB cream and set it with a matte powder.

I would recommend trying it at least once to know if this will suit your skin type or not before buying it. Revlon is one of the first make up us I used as lhotoready beginner. Revlon photo ready BB cream is nice light weight tinted cream and primer. It is great for daily use. It has a sheer coverage but can be buildable. It is hydrating and nourishing like a moisturizer. It can be used as a primer to smoothen and cover the skin pores.

You can use it to blur and hide imperfections like a concealer. It also has an SPF 30 that will protect you from harmful sun rays. It is a multi purpose cram. It is available in three shades - light, light-medium and medium. Great for beginners and college girls. Not very expensive which is great. It is easily available in the market. It comes in a tube form which lets you control the amount of product that comes out.

It is hygienic as you have no contact with the product. Revlon Photo Ready BB Cream was being introduced to me by one of my very close friend and also I remember once my office colleague mentioning about the same.

I am really glad that they both did a sit helped me greatly in making this decision of buying the same. It photoreafy works great by itself I mean to say that I hardly need to worry to apply an cream or moisturiser or a foundation. When ever I am in rush before work and I just need light coverage and shine control I simply apply this cream and I am all set to go. In fact it is in my everyday essentials now a days. When ever I do not have much time and I can not apply liquid foundations and concealers I just use this for a nice base on my face and this never ever disappoints me.

So I think even my make ups are all sorted now. I am not much in to make up though but when ever I am applying make p I really need a nice base and this BB cream ensures that I have one indeed. The best thing about this product is that you do not have to settle it with a powder or a compact. It has got a very soothing smell which is quite really refreshing and gives even toned skin tone always.

Also I like the packaging as it comes in a squeeze tube form it makes it more easier to be used. And it is also great while commuting as takes hardly a small space in your bag to be carried.

Plus you can certainly used it anytime and anywhere. Revlon PhotoReady B. The B. It is affordable and is has multiple uses too. It has the goodness of a good skincare product. It Aldo nourishes what religious beliefs did ancient egypt have smoothens the skin.

It also acts as a good makeup product. It can be applied as a base to help the skin look dress and glowing. It can be used as a phtoready or just as a product all by itself. It makes the skin look xream and nourished and also helps to deal with spots and pigmentation. It is ideal for occasion where no heavy makeup is required and can be used for everyday makeup.

Thus it is good but then it becomes cakey and dries the skin making it look patchy. It is not suitable for dry skin. I got this cream as a gift from my sis. It is the perfect BB cream I have ever used. This lightweight cream hides all the flaws from the skin and makes skin even toned. This cream may not suit the oil skin people as they might find it greasy. It does the task of both flawlessly. It comes in a tube packaging which I carry in purse daily without being bothered about leaking.

This is little expensive but worth for every penny spent on it. This BB cream from Revlon has uze coverage but conceal lines wrinkles and sports doesn't look cakey and also have spf for sun how to make a hanging lamp good product can be used for everyday makeup a perfect for normal to combination skin.

Revlon PhotoReady BB Cream is a multi-benefit beauty balm that combines the goodness of skin care and makeup in one. This cream hydrates and nourishes the face like a moisturizer, smoothens and covers the skin like a primer, blurs and hides imperfections like a concealer, and protects from harmful sun rays with SPF Need Help with Finding Product? Log In Sign Up. Beard Oils Men's Products. Dennis Gross Dr. Ortho Dr. Reddy's Dr. Sheth's Dr.

Ives St. Xerina Xtreme Brite. Zever's Zofla Zordan Zycafy. By Revlon. Compare Buy. Product Analysis Read about the safety and efficacy evaluation. Product benefits View Similar. UV Protection. Additional details Paraben free.

Ingredients Safety Breakdown. Will it clog pores?

Revlon PhotoReady BB Cream Skin Perfector Reviews

Mar 27,  · Here is my review on Revlon Photoready BB Cream!Daily Vlog Channel: I use to film this video Sony A77 Digital SLR. Apr 09,  · PhotoReady BB Cream SPF 30 Keywords tinted moisturizer revlon Combination Dry Normal Oily 20s 18 to 20 30s 40s 50s 60s 70 and older $10 to .

Username or E-mail. How are all of you?? And I absolutely love them. BB creams are light-weight. They are not as heavy as foundations. But they provide more coverage than moisturisers. Because if you want to look presentable you need a more coverage than daily wear moisturiser. That is the time when this BB and CC creams come into picture. They are perfect for daily wear. Provide a good coverage but nothing cakey. Fragrance-free, hydrating formula that provides broad-spectrum sun protection.

Texture meshes well with skin and blends easily. Sheer coverage and dewy finish is ideal for a soft, natural look. Flattering colors for light to medium skin. Press the tube gently. Now, apply the bb cream in dots.

Try to join the dots by blending them on face with light hands. This Photoready BB cream comes in a shiny silver tube. The tube is medium in size and light weight. The tube contains the product details which is quite descriptive.

Now, we all have different skin complexions so you need different shades to suit everybody. The tube has a nozzle like opening with a tiny hole in the middle. The hole is so tiny that you need to squeeze a number of times to even take out a tiny product. I am quite sceptical about the texture of this bb creams. Some of them are difficult to blend.

But it is quite easier to blend. It does not leave any whitish cast. The texture is not runny. But not difficult to blend. The first day when i applied this bb cream, i was literally amazed by the texture. After all, it is winter and anything which i apply on my face accentuates my dry patches. When i started blending it even lightly dry flakes started coming out. I was just so tensed. Winters make my skin desperate.

So, i applied this one very lightly. But shockingly it blended into my skin like a dream. Neither there were any dry flakes on skin.

And in return did you know what it made my face. I just love dewy finish. Dry skin people tend to have dull skin to soon. That is the major con with dry skin.

And this one is perfect. Economy wise the bb cream tube will last you long. You just need drops for entire face. So, even with daily usage the tube will last you at least 2 months. March 1, February 28, February 27, February 26, March 22, February 10, March 16, December 19, July 25, January 5, December 9, November 4, July 8, October 20, June 3, September 22, December 29, June 2, July 18, September 29, July 16, October 19, July 6, December 17, April 6, April 25, October 21, June 19, October 29, February 13, December 26, July 4, Contact Now.

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