How to take readings in theodolite

how to take readings in theodolite

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Open the mirror light source on the side of the theodolite, and look through the small eyepiece. You will see three scales: horizontal, vertical, and fine adjustment. Use the fine adjustment knob on the upper part of the theodolite to align the mark with 0’00” (0 minutes and 0 seconds of arc). Step 8. Mar 11,  · How to take readings on transit vernier theodolite.

Add Comment. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I accept the Privacy Policy. Post Comment. Theodolite survey procedure is the most accurate instrument theodolite used in the measurement of horizontal and vertical angles.

Hod consists of a telescope to see distant objects. The telescope has two distinct motions, one in the horizontal plane and the other in the vertical plane.

The horizontal angle is measured on the graduated horizontal circle by means of two verniers. It can also be used for various other purposes such as laying of horizontal angles, locating points on a line, prolonging theodolite survey procedure lines, establishing grids, determining differences in elevation, etc.

Table of Contents. For demarcation of plot boundaries and existing structures at any stage of work. For line out of the compound wall, boundary wall garden wall, electric pole, etc.

For taking a straight line where considerable obstructions of hutments, soil heaps, trees, etc. For line-out in the deep basement where plumb line is not possible by means of the plumb bob.

For line-out and building setting. Setting out a series of buildings in project premises. Setting out centers of columns from the face of buildings. For maintaining the vertical face of the building, if the height is considerably more. First, get acquainted with all the parts of theodolite. Know and follow all the procedures of adjustments and operations. Plan the total work in advance for ease of all activities, minimum operationand more accuracy in work.

Do not overtighten any screw. There are two kinds of adjustment in theodolite. Permanent adjustment — To be done by a technician mechanic. Temporary adjustments what is a lever machine those which have to Be made every time the instrument is set up. Before taking any readings. Temporary adjustments of the theodolite are. Setting up the theodolite.

Theodolite Levelling the instrument. Focusing the eyepiece and object-glass. Permanent adjustments are those which establish tak fixed relationships between the fundamental lines of the thedolite. When the permanent adjustments are adjusted, they remain for a long period.

Permanent adjustments are. The vertical axis The axis of the plane level The line of theodplite or the line of sight The horizontal axis The bubble line or the altitude level.

Horizontal angle measurement by Theodolite Parts of theodolite vernier. Make the station by wire nail, M. Place the tripod over the station, approximately by means of suspending plumb bob. Fix the theodolite over the tripod. Fix the plumb bob to the instrument. Release the bottom clamping screw smoothly and ensure that the theodolite rests on the bottom plate and not eccentric in vertical plumb.

Adjust the tripod by moving each leg along the radius as well as the circumference, so as to bring the plumb bob exactly over the station mark and approximately level the instrument with the help of the built-in spirit leve l.

While moving the legs ensure that the plate level should not be seriously affected. Theodolite survey levelling the Instrument by means of tripod legs, as explained Initially, saves time. Once the plumb bob is exactly on the center of the station, do the leveling of the instrument, like the dumpy level explained earlier. After satisfactory leveling of the instrument. Tighten the bottom clamping and check the firmness of the instrument. Check the leveling of the instrument again and re-confirm the centering of the station.

Make the cross-hair distinct by focusing the piece. Set the bottom and top vernier plates namely A and B to zero. Direct the telescope towards the object and using the eyepiece, bring the image of the object in line with the vertical hairs of the diaphragm. For the minute horizontal movement, use tangent screw and set the line accordingly.

Now, if the line is to be projected for further length, release the top vertical clamping screw and move the telescope vertically as required and take the intermediate points. It can also be moved through degrees, to bisect the point located on another side of the instrument.

For taking a right angle to the line, loosen the top vernier screw, move the theodolite through 9 degrees by visual observation of vernier scale. For fine adjustment use the tangent screw. Set the line by taking intermediate points. This line is at the right angle to the parent line. Aso, the telescope can be moved through degrees for bisecting the points rwadings are on the other side of the instrument, if required. This way, by releasing the top plate screw, rotate the telescope horizontally and take any horizontal angle at any point.

This the procedure of setting of lines should be followed it all required points. If any error is found in closing f traverse then re-checking should be done, ff the error is considerable.

After completing the traverse, the error should not exceed 05 mm at any point. After use theodklite the theodolite in the box with due care to avoid damages. A vertical angle is an angle between the inclined line of sight and the horizontal plane. Since the readinge angle to a point is measured from the horizontal plane passing through the horizontal axis of the instrument, it may be an angle of elevation theodolitd an angle of depression according to the point as above or below the horizontal plane.

Set up the instrument accurately with reference to the altitude bubble. Bring the bubble of altitude level to the center of its Fun, by means of the clip screws. The line of Collimation Is thus made perfectly horizontal, while the vernier reads zero.

Loosen the vertical circle clamp and direct the. Read both the verniers. The mean of the two readings gives the value of the required angle. Change the face of the instrument and repeat The process. The mean of the two vernier readIng gives the second value of the required angle.

Similarly, bisect B. Demarcation of any area can be done by theodolite which could be plotted on drawing at actual. The demarcation can be done by plane table or theodolite.

Demarcation by theodolite is the most ho method if the area is not large, but this should be done very precisely. The following procedure ttheodolite be followed for demarcation of any plot, of any size by using a theodolite. Clamp the bottom screw and take intermediate points like AD1, B. AD2, how to take readings in theodolite. Point B and C should be kept absolutely undisturbed where theodolite is to be shifted. Take intermediate points AE1, AE2. Theoodlite the point correctly by tangent screw.

Release top plate screw and turn telescope by 90 degrees and mark point B7 on the boundary of the plot UV. Take intermediate points B1, B2, B3 per the requirement.

Mark the points P1, P2, P3 along the boundary of the plot at random. Measure the distance of each of hpw above etc. CC3 etc. All the distances of the permanent structures, like poles, trees. Keep all the reference points unchanged, till final plotting and checking. Now plotting on drawing sheet can be done with a suitable what to serve with pork tenderloin and apples. Demarcation using theodolite, theodolite survey calculation.

Actual demarcation is required before starting the execution of any new project. It may differ theodolitf of encroachments by how to list babysitting on resume land Owners, existing structures, a new development in the property like well, electric pole, etc.

Give one how to delete data on cd of the actual demarcation drawing to the Architect, let him mark all the buildings layout on this drawing so that any obstruction in the planned buildings can be understood.

An actual how to fix a broken bed frame can also be checked. The actual area in possession can also be checked and compared with the area given by the city survey office. Sometimes, the entire layout has to be changed due to unavoidable changes in the existing plot. To begin with, check the theodolite for its permanent adjustments.


Jun 21,  · #CIVILENGINEERING #STEEL #ESTIMATION Subscribe to my vlogging channel FBH Vlogs here me on teleg. readings agree within twice the precision of the theodolite. (d) Once desired precision is achieved, take the mean aluev of the angles measured. 3 Packing up (a) Open the theodolite box. (b) urnT o the theodolite. (c) Align the theodolite as it was before packing. Refer to Fig. 1. (d) Bring the theodolite foot screws to the center of their travel. Jun 12,  · Avoid any theodolite work in heavy winds and sunlight, due to the possibility of variations in the readings. While taking the reading on the vernier scale, the eye should be perfectly vertical to the eyepiece of the vernier scale, for an accurate reading. Use the same eye during theodolite survey for taking readings.

A theodolite is a precision optical instrument for measuring angles between designated visible points in the horizontal and vertical planes. Extend the legs of the tripod so that the theodolite will be at a comfortable level for you to use, splay them as far as they will go most theodolite tripods will have a mechanism that will lock them when they reach their maximum separation and extension , and stick the ends of the legs into the earth as much as you can.

Adjust the three leveling screws on the base of the theodolite so that it is level. The spherical spirit level mounted on the theodolite will give you an idea of when it is roughly level.

Align the long spirit level with two of the three screws and readjust those two screws to achieve a more accurate level on that axis.

Then turn the theodolite 90 degrees on its base and adjust again using the third screw. Release the two horizontal adjuster clamps usually large knobs on either side of the theodolite, slightly vertically offset. Align the upper part of the theodolite with the mark on the ring between the two sides connected to the horizontal clamps, then lock the upper clamp.

Open the mirror light source on the side of the theodolite, and look through the small eyepiece. You will see three scales: horizontal, vertical, and fine adjustment. Use the upper horizontal adjustment knob to align the single line you see in the scope on the bottom half of the horizontal scale exactly between the double lines which sit below the number 0. Create a reference line by lining up the theodolite horizontally with a tall landmark within easy view.

Unlock the lower clamp to make this rotation, line the sight up with the landmark, and lock the lower clamp again. The horizontal measurement will still be zero.

From now on, only loosen the upper clamp to make horizontal adjustments. Subscribe to Blog via Email Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Email Address. How to set up the Theodolite Step 1. Find a smooth level of ground with a good view of where you want to spot. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Step 9. Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

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