How to sell better on ebay

how to sell better on ebay

What To Sell On eBay: The 15 Easiest Things To Sell On eBay

eBay photo tips. Here are some tips to ensure your pictures look their best for buyers: Set your item against a plain white or neutral backdrop, or if you’re shooting a shiny or reflective item like a piece of jewellery, a black background may work better; Use a tripod to . Decide whether auction-style or fixed-price is right for you. What is Auction-style? Choose a starting price and your customers can place bids. When the auction ends, the highest bidder buys the item at that price.

A while back I shared a list of 25 things you never knew you could sell on eBay. Today I decided to take a different approach. Okay, you may be thinking, why not? You are allowed to sell these on eBay, but you may well not get as good of a price for your work as you would on etsy.

Do yourself a favor and sell items on the best site! You need to make sure betteer can authenticate it. Make copies of all necessary paperwork should the buyer open a case. There is a risk of items getting lost in the mail yes, you can insure them, but still. If you choose to sell jewelry online, consider go a local jewelry store in order to get the item weighed, cleaned, and identified. Large items are not big sellers on eBay typically because they are hard to get good pictures of and can be a pain to sell.

You might want to try Facebook selling how to fish a muddler, Craigslist, or a yard sale.

It has bteter always been an easy transaction. Or how about that old ship anchor? You hoe be laughing, but people will often try to sell very heavy things on eBay. The other consideration is how you how to cure a country ham at home package said item.

Did you accidentally purchase or come across a bootleg version of a movie or game? You are not permitted to sell these items on eBay. No real surprise bettrr. Alcohol is also something not allowed to be sold on pn. Even if you were, imagine the hassle of ensuring someone got it before the expiration date, limitations of geography, and more. You can sell books on eBay, but you have a much better shot at selling them quicker and for a better price on either Amazon.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but there are how to write an employment reference letter ways to sell plants than on eBay. Many states have very strict regulations on seeds. It can also be difficult to know for sure what you are purchasing. Many gardeners like to preserve their own seeds and take part in Bettfr Libraries or simply save them for the next year.

This is a bit vague because it can apply to many different items. If you are selling computers, iPads, phones, or other devices that may be linked to your identity, banking info, etc. So someone gave you a gift of a subscription to a magazine that you have no interest in. Unfortunately in many cases these cannot be transferred and even if you wished to sell them, due to identity theft issues you may want to reconsider.

However, you CAN always sell the magazines once you receive them or store them for awhile and then try selling them later on down the road. Even if they are your famous or not-so-famous ones. Have you looked ti self-publishing an eBook ebya Amazon? Selling them is not only NOT allowed, but not a very good idea. Have a great idea for something? Selling intellectual property is a big gray area and you should probably steer clear of it. Due to the strict regulations and controls over these items they are not allowed to be sold on eBay.

You would be much better off looking for a local deal or trade show! If you are a breeder there are much better ways to sell the puppies or kittens. Do bettee have a tote full of these, too? Unfortunately, despite predictions that these toys would be instant money-makers someday, most of them have ended up not being worth very much.

Check out the listings for Beanie Babies…. Enay are widely available at stores, they are also common staples at yard sales and garage sales. This is a category that can really vary.

For the most part, most dollar store items do not sell well on eBay. However, if they are name brand items or items that are unique, ebaay might have luck.

Most people no longer have devices that will play VHS tapes. So beay VHS tapes, whether they are brand new or howw, do not sell very well. Take a peek at how few of these VHS tapes sold… and how low the prices are. Send an Email. Published on October 16, By Lauren. Name E-Mail Address. Follow Me!

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Sell sneakers $ and up: Pay no selling fees on eligible sneakers when the starting price of the item is $ or more, not including shipping, handling, taxes, or fees. So whether you’re shopping home and garden offers, browsing tech and fashion deals or simply want to list items to sell, download the eBay app for an easy and safe buying. Oct 16,  · What?! You can sell books on eBay, but you have a much better shot at selling them quicker and for a better price on either or (which is actually owned by eBay!). However eBay can be a great place to BUY books. Plants. This may seem like a no-brainer, but there are better ways to sell plants than on eBay. This trick isn't just for selling on eBay – even if you want to sell elsewhere, it can give you a good idea of an item's value. But if you do decide to sell on eBay, scroll down in the app and select 'sell one like this'. eBay will instantly add the product information it has in its catalogue for similar items.

Including several high-quality pictures is one of the best ways to attract buyers to your listings. When you list an item for sale on eBay, you have to include at least one picture. You can add up to 12 pictures. You can re-use them if you relist the item or create a new listing for something similar. Use the photo uploader sometimes also called the eBay picture manager in our listing forms. Also check each file size is no larger than 7MB each.

With Gallery Plus, you listing's main image will show in search results with a larger picture. To manage who can buy from you, you can use our buyer requirements feature. Skip to main content. Enter the key words you want to ask for help. Enter your search term to display live search results. Use TAB key to navigate results. How to add pictures to listings Use the photo uploader sometimes also called the eBay picture manager in our listing forms.

To upload photos from your computer: In your listing form, select Add Photos. Browse to find the photos you want maximum 7MB each. To select more than one file, hold down the Ctrl key Windows or the Command key Mac. Crop, rotate, and adjust the brightness and contrast of the photo using the icons in the uploader preview, then select Save. To copy photos from a web address: In your listing form, select Add Photos. Select Copy your photos from a web address.

Enter the URL where your photo is located. When you've added all the URLs you need, select Import to copy them into your listing. Managing and replacing photos You can adjust or replace photos by going to Revise your item from either My eBay or Seller Hub. To delete or replace an uploaded photo : Delete the existing photo, and upload a new one if needed To replace a photo copied from a web address : Use a new URL for the replacement photo Change a gallery photo : Find the photo you want to use as the gallery photo, and move it to the top left position.

Our photo uploader can take images up to 7MB in size Capture images of the top, bottom and sides of your item with detailed close-ups. Gallery plus offers: A larger picture, up to x pixels, when you hover over the item in search results. Otherwise, your picture is shown at the standard size of 96 pixels A magnifying glass and Enlarge link Access to all of your pictures in search results, if you have multiple pictures.

Top Takeaway When you list an item for sale on eBay, you have to include at least one picture. Was this article helpful for you? You might also be interested in:.

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