How to read a cervical mri

how to read a cervical mri

Cervical MRI: A Systematic Reading

Feb 18,  · For Patients: Professionals: Accredited Training: Discussion: http://a. Jan 29,  · Understanding MRI Reports Cervical Spine. If the MRI report relating to your back and neck is discussing the LUMBAR spinal it is referring to your low back. If it is discussing the CERVICAL spine it is referring to your neck. Finally, if it is about the THORACIC spine, it is discussing from the bottom of the neck to your low back.

Cfrvical saw your doctor. He sent you to get a MRI and now you have the report. Unfortunately, the report may use medical terms that most of us do not use everyday. This blog will discuss the meaning of the medical words you may see listed on that report. The sacrum is that fused bone just below your waist and the coccyx is the tail like thinner section. What does this mean? As mentioned in the paragraph above, the back and neck are divided into sections.

So C4 would refer to the cervical part of the spine neck and the 4th vertebrae and L5 would refer to the lumbar part of hw spine low back and the 5th vertebrae. The cervical portion of the spine has seven vertebrae, the thoracic section has twelve vertebrae and the lumbar section typically has five vertebrae. The number of vertebrae in the neck typically remains unchanged but some people may have one extra or less in the thoracic or lumbar section.

While some people may have an additional vertebrae in one section, typically the overall number of vertebrae remains the same. If you see the term, L in the report or something similar, it is referring to the intervertebral discs, in other words, indicating what is happening is occurring to the disc both above and below.

At times there will be yo letters involved like L5-S1 which means the last vertebrae of the low back and the first part of the sacrum. The tear reda the jelly-like substance to gradually leak out. Besides pain, a person with these diagnoses may experience symptoms such as numbness, tingling, loss of flexibility, or a weakness to the extremities arms or legs.

Not everyone with this cevrical will experience exactly the same symptoms or severity of symptoms. The severity of the disc compression may be evident by the intensity of the symptoms previously mentioned.

It should be noted that both laymen and medical providers may use the word disc bulge, extrusion, or protrusion interchangeably. This does not mean that they are the same thing but since symptoms may be similar and a medical provider may spend an entire day reading reports he or she may unintentionally use the wrong term.

Unfortunately, this may occur not just when a medical provider speaks but also in reports. Make sure you confirm with the doctor your exact diagnosis. Sometimes a person experiences severe extremity pain, pain in the how to read a cervical mri or legs, after trauma to the spine. This is because the branch like structures up and down the spinal cord are actually nerve roots which shoot to different parts of your body. If you have been involved in an accident of any sort that has resulted in serious trauma to your spine, you may how to use zanussi oven rights to compensation.

Our office, Edward A Smith Law Officeshas successfully handled thousands of claims related to neck and back injuries. To discuss your claim, please call our office for a free consultation.

We can be reached at or To learn how others who have used our services feel, see Yelp or Avvo. Contact Us Now MRI Of The Spine And Neck It should be noted that both laymen and medical providers may use the word disc bulge, extrusion, or protrusion interchangeably.

Vertebrae — Alignment — Discs — Cervical-Medullary — Cord

How to Read MRI Results of the Cervical Spine Familiarize yourself with the lexicon and structure of the spine. In reading a radiologist’s notes and discussing your Read the doctor’s notes that accompany your film or CD; these are directions to the MRI staff detailing what she’s Read the.

The T2 sagittal and axials are the money shots in the neck. First, look at the sagittals. Number the vertebrae, starting with the unique C2 with its odontoid process dens towering high from its body.

Going down from C3, each vertebra looks like a rectangle. In an older patient, osteophytes and spurs will be more visible anteriorly, but posteriorly they may be less obvious but more significant! Check the vertebra for fracture, cancer or hemangioma in the form of marrow signal changes within the vertebral bodies.

Alignment is evaluated on the T2 sagittals. Follow the posterior vertebral line posterior marginal line from the back edge of C2 through the back edge of T1. Traumatic C-spine fracture or ligamentous laxity may allow anterolisthesis of one vertebra on another. Next, evaluate the discs, paying attention to disc height and herniations. A disc protrusion may be parasagittal and be visible in the midline T2 sagittal images, or lateral in the neuroforamen seen best on the T2 axials.

Or you may see an infiltrating tumor in the medulla. In a patient with rheumatoid arthritis you may see a pannus at the C ventral cord, crowding the cord and even displacing it.

Now examine the cord on the T2 sagittals. Its gray signal should be evenly homogenous throughout, from the medulla into the thoracic cord. Increased T2 signal a bright spot within the cord is seen with severe stenosis or cord trauma. An intramedullary tumor within the substance of the cord may have decreased T2 or T1 signal a dark spot.

If you see this, get images with gadolinium contrast to look for an enhancing tumor such as astrocytoma. A syrinx syringomyelia, or hydromyelia will appear as a white line running up and down the middle of the cord. This is an abnormal CSF collection within the cord. A syrinx is often associated with a Chiari malformation, so if you see a syrinx, check for low hanging tonsils.

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