How to power a car amp with a wall outlet

how to power a car amp with a wall outlet

How To Connect & Power A Car Amp In Your Home + Diagrams

Turn on the power supply, adjust the amp to a low volume setting, and power it up. If you hear a loud hum, that means you're plugged into an outlet with a bad ground. Turn off the power, and try again from a different outlet. If the hum is gone, turn up the volume slowly until you reach a normal listening level. Apr 17,  · A computer power supply is easiest for testing purposes but don't expect to get the amp up to full power. If you use a computer power supply you will use the yellow wire for 12+ and a black for negative. And tO get the power supply to turn on you will need to jump the green wire on the 20 pin connector (24 on newer ones) to a black wire.

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I know I what diet pills do to your body to make the V into 12V, but how do Outlrt do this? I have either a watt car amp or a watt car amp that I can use, whatever is easier.

I need the positive and ground wire with 12v in the power. Some products I have looked at would be these two plugged into each other, other than that I have no idea. Thank you. That thing can only provide 75 watts. How do you expect to getor worse watts from an amp that will require more power then you get out due to losses. Do not do that. Why do you even want to do that?

The only way you can do that is if you get a high output AC DC inverter. Which can cost a lot! If you are looking to make your car audio sub part of your home theater then look on www. Edit: if you mean by how many amps to run your sub you just look up how much your sub is rated RMS power is.

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Mr Quinn. Update: how many amps do I need to run this? Answer Save. Purchase poaer regulated power supply. Thorb Lv 5. Still have questions?

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Oct 29,  · Frequency Generator: Aug 10,  · I have upgraded my car system so i don't need my old subs and amp. I want have my amp power my subs, but I need the amp to be able to be plugged in to an wall outlet. I plan on using these for my football team's locker room. Any suggestions will be great. Thx. Feb 25,  · Favorite Answer you need a big power ac to dc converter,this turns the power from the wall into 12 volt dc to any car audio dealer and take a .

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Sep 5, 8, 64 Philly. Just plug it in. Nov 13, 2, 21 Jacksonville, Fl. Whats the point of plugging in the amp if you can plug the sub straight into the wall? If you want to just power it up at low volume it would work fine. Jan 9, 2, 34 Anchorage AK. Yes, there are power supplies built just for that, and a guy like ma would justify the high pricetag to bench amps, and shops for displaying equipment.

There are options on the cheap, like a dry cell and battery charger or even an old manual charger, computer power supply up to a certain amount, etc Dec 24, 7, 93 Melbourne, FL. Bassin Buick Banned. Nov 22, 4, Brandon , FL. You guys are terrible.

Op, don't plug it in. It will go pop and be dead. A computer power supply is easiest for testing purposes but don't expect to get the amp up to full power. And tO get the power supply to turn on you will need to jump the green wire on the 20 pin connector 24 on newer ones to a black wire. Plug the charger in the wall clamp it to the corresponding terminals on the battery connect amplifier to battery.

Searching is so hard they should really come up with something that searches all the Internet for dumb questions that have been answered 'times. But it is very rare for a newer battery charger to malfunction in that manner due to better protection circuits than the chargers of yesteryear. Aug 12, 1, 34 Louisiana. I remember in high school when one of my friends tried to power an Orion sx in his bedroom with just a battery charger. His poor amp went up in smoke. I don't understand why my neighbors get so mad at me for idling my Mustang after midnight.

You'd swear I have long tube headers and an aftermarket exhaust or something. Mar 9, 5 Pittsburgh. Apr 17, 2 0 Montana. Create an account or login to comment You must be a member in order to leave a comment Create account Create an account on our community. It's easy! Log in Already have an account? Log in here. Previous Topic Next Topic. High pitch whine coming from subwoofer?

Wiring, Electrical and Installation Help 3 A 2 amps going to the same power source, same ground, same remote. Only one amp comes on. General Discussion 4 A Subwoofers suddenly stopped working but amp powers on? Wiring, Electrical and Installation Help 8. Similar threads Subwoofer "pops" when amp powers on. DSP causes low power output from amplifier? Subwoofers suddenly stopped working but amp powers on?

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