How to paint a patina finish

how to paint a patina finish

Using Patina Paint To Easily Create An Aged Finish

Aug 08,  · Normally, paint is smoothly applied, but to get a neat patina effect, instead of spraying a smooth coating on the bottom layer of your patina, try brushing on a rough, textured layer. Author: Joann Bortles. Jan 07,  · Easy Patina Paint Finish Steps Patina Paint Combinations. Dixie Belle Patina Paints are available in copper, bronze, and iron. Copper is truly just Classic Patina Combinations. To get a more traditional patina finish like you would see on an old shipwreck you can use A .

Just keep layering until you get the look you love! So, I had to try them myself. I love experimenting with chalk paint ideas and DIY home decor projects. The Dixie Belle Paint Company gave me the paints in this project to experiment with. I thought about getting some scrap wood out and testing patija finishes. I could turn my tests into art and reuse the canvases that were just taking up space in the closet. This Faux Patina Paint project mixes chalk paints with actual metal dust that you can then spray with the oxidizing patina spray to make real oxidized copper, bronze, and iron or rust patina looks.

This is so much easier and more fun than trying to layer a bunch of paint colors to get a realistic patina paint finish. And, I have to say, this is a lot more fun too. I spent a couple days experimenting with different looks. But all 3 are beautiful. And there are so many ways to use these paints for different looks, I barely scratched the surface guys. Hopefully, these 20 examples show you how to patina paint and help you pick the metal and patina finish you love. The possibilities are endless.

Maybe you want to mix a couple metals on the same piece. Or paint lines of the patina spray in veins across the paint. Have fun and be sure to comment here or tag me hoq Instagram what does twerk mean miley cyrus any cool designs you come up with.

I was provided free product for this post. But as always, my opinion and review of the product are my true reaction and opinion about this product. Read the full disclaimer here. Then apply 1 coat of the metal paint and let that dry. Then you apply a second coat of the metal paint and spray on the patina while that 2nd coat is still wet. That metal primer protects the real metal from the oxidizing spray. This was taken after applying 1 coat of the go to the Vintage Duck Egg paint. The Copper and Bronze Paints only require 2 coats for full coverage.

The Iron required 4 or 5 to how to set rabbit traps full coverage over the blue. Then 2 coats of Iron would be perfect! Fnish Belle does recommend using the sprays on a wet layer of the metal paint.

That will provide the strongest reaction. And it can take fijish for the Patina to fully develop. But, you will see it start almost immediately. Of the 3, Iron aa to take a finishh longer. But the results are gorgeous! I applied a thick coat of Iron, then sprayed the top with enough green patina to make it pool up in that area that has that great rust explosion look. I probably sprayed 8 times on the lowest setting.

I started with a wet paitna of Iron, then hw Green Patina on that and lightly spread it across the surface with a foam brush. Chip Brushes are great for dry brushing since the bristles tend to be a little uneven. Just barely dab the end in paint ;atina lightly blot on a paper towel before brushing it on your DIY Faux Patina Paint look. I created this look by applying a coat of the metal paint, then spraying a few times with the patina, lightly spread the patina over the wet paint with a foam brush, then sprayed a few more times over that.

This gives an overall patina look with the drops on finihs. The top is Bronze Paint with Blue Patina. The bottom is Copper Paint with Blue Patina. I decided to prop these canvases against a box and let the spray drip down paaint canvas how to paint a patina finish it dried. The top is a layer of wet Bronze sprayed with enough What does elderberry do for you Patina to make it run in a few places. The bottom is a wet layer of Copper sprayed with enough Blue Patina to make it run a little.

The top here is a wet layer of Bronze with an patjna, light layer of Green Patina Sprayed across the top. The bottom is a wet layer of Copper with an even, light layer of Green Patina Sprayed across the top. For the top, I patiba a wet layer of Bronze, then gently spread 4 light sprays of Blue Patina Paint across the canvas with a foam brush.

For the bottom, I used a wet layer of Copper, then gently spread 4 light sprays hod Green Patina Paint across the canvas with a foam brush. My first 4 tests with Copper Paint. The top left is Green Patina lightly sprayed across wet Copper Paint. Top Right is Green Patina sprayed over dry Copper paint then spread around in swirls, with a foam brush.

The bottom 2 use Blue Patina, but the swirled on dry is on the left and the sprayed on wet is on the right. Please note: Dixie Belle recommends spraying the Patina on the metal paint while it is still wet. I just wanted to see what would happen on dry paint. It still reacts on dry, but not as much as on wet. Especially with the Iron, which seems to react even less than the Bronze and Copper when dry. My first 4 tests with Bronze Paint.

The top left is Green Patina lightly sprayed across wet Bronze Paint. Top Right is Green Patina sprayed over dry Bronze paint then spread around in swirls, with a foam brush. There must be hundreds more ways to play around patinq these paints and patinas. Have fun playing around with the finish and patina you love most, or get the funish set from the Dixie Belle Paint Company Shop. I love them!!!!!! And as always, let me know if you have any questions!

Need to strip pattina old finish off your project first? How to talk to a random girl on the street inspired? Have fun and let me know finiah you have questions.

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OMG, this is amazing! Definitely saving for my future projects. Thank you for laint, Stephanie! I would love to patiina making patina diy. Love all the textures. Love all the different effects you can get. Really loving the effects you can get.

This is awesome! Fihish did a fantastic job with each of the different styles. Thanks, Marie. I have almost zero artistic talent and was able to make these look pretty good without finiwh work. This paint is great! I love the different effects : happynowlinkup. Thank you, Jen. They turned out so nice. I love playing around with this paint! I have worked with Dixie Belle Paint products too and they are truly fun to work with.

You must have had such fun playing with this product line. The effects are gorgeous. Thanks so much.

Hello friends!

Apr 05,  · If the item you are giving the faux patina finish to is not already a bronze or copper color (or even a dark gold color), you may want to give it a quick spray of Oil Rubbed Bronze or Copper Spray paint. If it happens to be a light fixture like mine that you don’t want to remove from the wall, you can use something like this product to brush on.

Patina occurs in nature on metals such as copper and bronze when the metals are exposed over long periods of time to air and moisture. Imagine an old tractor or automobile sitting in a field or old farm tools sitting outside a barn. Patina gives a unique, industrial and antique look. Did you know that you can use patina paint to easily create a faux aged antiqued finish?

Such a fun way to add character to your home decor and furniture makeovers! There are several ways to create this aged finish. You can use various combinations of paints like a copper color paint in a spray or brush on form and then use other colors of paints such as aqua dabbed on to give the look of a patina.

Or you can age metals quickly using various combinations of vinegar, salt and hydrogen peroxide. And if you look around my blog or my social media you will see that I love a pretty patina finish! This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase a product after clicking these links I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you — not even one cent extra!

And I appreciate your support so I can bring you more helpful content! Dixie Belle makes is so easy to create an aged finished on any type of surface, including metal, glass, wood, and even things like laminates and Styrofoam!

And, these products go a long way! Honestly the paints and sprays in the Patina Collection last a long time, covering quite a few projects! Using patina paint is super simple and really fun and this printable can guide you through the process in a step-by-step fashion as you work on your next project.

This guide is an easy to refer to printable to walk you through your next project. Dixie Belle Patina Paints are available in copper, bronze, and iron. Copper is truly just that, like a copper penny color, shiny and really pretty. Bronze is a bit of a deeper brown. These are both very metallic looking. The Iron is a shiny metallic gray. It is important to note that these paints have flecks of metal in them that tend to settle at the bottom of the containers.

Before you apply the paint you need to mix them very well. I usually shake the container really well and stir with a stirring stick or a plastic knife. The Patina Spray comes in blue and green. Different combinations of paint and spray create different finishes. It can be fun to mix it up a bit depending on what look you are going for. To get a more traditional patina finish like you would see on an old shipwreck you can use the green and blue spray with either copper or bronze paint.

In my opinion the copper paint and green spray is really gorgeous. Now visualize an old rusted antique automobile sitting out for many years in a junkyard. To get this traditional rust finish use the green spray with iron paint. Another important tip is that the the iron paint only reacts with the green spray, and not the blue. Honestly with these products the combinations are truly endless! Here are a few other ways to change up the look of your project.

Prior to applying the patina paint you lay down a base of chalk mineral type paint. You can use any color of chalk style paint. I often use gray just because it provides a good neutral base, but I also think a metallic chalk paint looks really pretty as the base. More often, you will see furniture artists use the patina in various areas of the piece, like detailing. My suggestion is just to give it a try and enjoy the process!

I often pick up items from Goodwill or thrift stores to practice techniques on just for fun. Try brushing on the second coat of patina paint for one look or dabbing it on forming peaks for a different effect when you add the spray. Use a disposable cheap brush to apply the patina paint. Apply the patina spray while the second coat of patina paint is wet. It takes about hours for the patina to fully form, so it is fine to wait a bit to seal your project with topcoat.

If you are using the Patina Paint on a metal object, first apply Prime Start primer for metal. I hope this info and these tips help you get started with patina paint. This printable step-by-step guide is available in my resource library along with other fun and helpful chalk painting and DIY tips and updates. Get access to this printable and my free resource library here by filling out the form below. Hi and thank you for publishing this.

I use Dixie Belle and love it! How do you seal it? I applied clear wax and it took all the color away leaving very little patina. So I redid it and sprayed Shellac and had an even worse reaction. Any suggestions? Thank you for helping!! Hi Staci, Thank you so much for checking out my post.

I also used Dixie Belle Gator Hide to seal with no problems. I hope this helps! Good luck! Your email address will not be published. Comments Hi and thank you for publishing this. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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