How to make wii game backups

how to make wii game backups

How to Make a Iso to Backup a Wii Game Without a Special DVD Drive.

Sep 16,  · Launch the DVD Dump Tool from the Homebrew Channel on Wii. Press the Right button on the d-pad ad then press A. Choose the disc that you want to copy, such as Wii Single-Layer Disc or Wii Dual-Layer Disc, and press A. Now insert the game disc to your Wii console. Jan 26,  · In order to copy your own game save backups, your friend’s game save backups, or the backups you’ve grabbed off the web, onto your Wii you just need to be able to drag and drop files. Pop the SD card in your computer and then copy the game saves onto the SD card.

If you are still rocking your Nintendo Wii console or trying to get your hands on the classicsit is better to have a backup of Wii games on PC. Having a backup of Wii games on PC allows you to keep the original game discs safe from accidental scratches. That said, backing up Wii how to make wii game backups on PC requires a little more than a few steps.

Wii is traditionally a closed system, and to backup Wii games require you to use a few third-party tools like Homebrewed Channel and Clean Rip to create game ISO. In this article, we explore how to backup Wii games on PC running Windows 10 to help you keep your valuable classics safe.

The GBS allows you to make a copy of virtually what was the american colonization society game on most of the popular console platforms. It eliminates the fear of scratching your expensive Wii game collection by having to use the game CD to play the game. Note: Homebrew Channel installation is safe, but there is a risk of bricking your console.

Proceed at your own risk. Note : The transfer speed could be much slower, so you may have to wait for hours depending on the game size. If you are dumping a what motorcycle helmets do the police use disc, then use a 9. Make sure you have followed how to install Homebrew Channel steps above to install Homebrew Channel before proceeding with these steps. The dumping process may take some time, so wait till it is finished.

Once done, you can move the ISO file to your computer and save it as a backup. By following any of the two methods above, you can easily backup Wii games to your PC.

Do note that these steps will only work on Wii consoles running Wii Menu version 4. Your email address will not be published. Taking Wii games backups can help in case the original game disc is damaged. In this article, we explore two ways to backup Wii games on PC.

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Click Start Scan to find all problematic drivers. Click Update Drivers to get new versions and avoid system malfunctionings. DriverFix has been downloaded by 0 readers this month. GameBackupSystem Copy your original Wii games easily and ensure no damage comes to the originals while playing.

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Step 1: Pre-notes

Introduction: How to Make a Iso to Backup a Wii Game Without a Special DVD Drive. Things you will need 1. a wii 2. a usb device larger then your game 3. a sd card for the Home brew channel/usb loader 4. a computer. Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download. Step 1: The Home Brew Channel. Run Backups on Any Wii Without a Modchip (Updated) Step 1: Pre-notes. Please note that you will probably not need a gigabyte storage device to hold one game. This may Step 2: Preparing the SD Card. Step 3: Installing CIOS36 Rev Open up your homebrew channel and . Select the drive that you’re using for the Wii games. Go to the Files tab, then select Add. Select Files to add multiple games to the program, or select Folder to add a whole folder of games. Select Transfer, then select Drive 1 to transfer the games over. It might take a while for the games to copy over. Options once complete. Continue to cIOS.

By dertydub , Jan 22, 2, 29 0. How do you make a wii game By dertydub , Jan 22, 2, 29 0. Page 1 of 2. OP dertydub Newbie. Level 1. Joined: Jan 22, Messages: 2 Country:. Level Joined: Feb 4, Messages: 2, Country:. Nintendo and ask for help with that but i don't have Mr. Nintendo's number. Empty02 and Mama Looigi like this. Level 8. Joined: Jan 29, Messages: Country:.

HomestarHacker Member. Joined: Apr 2, Messages: 36 Country:. You can make it with devkitpro. MichiS97 "Leftist snowflake milennial". GBAtemp Patron. Joined: Jun 14, Messages: 1, Country:. Bedel , Empty02 , alexander and 3 others like this.

Level 3. Joined: Dec 18, Messages: Country:. My young child, you must seek the hands of Miyamoto to make a Wii game. They are in the depths of a dangerous valcano. Joined: Feb 13, Messages: 1, Country:. You would probably need an SDK too.

Joined: Dec 17, Messages: 1, Country:. With either C or DevKit I think GorgonMan64 Newbie. Joined: Jan 27, Messages: 9 Country:. Do you mean how to make a homebrew app? SnackJr Member. Joined: May 5, Messages: 41 Country:. How is babby formed? How girl get pragnant? Joined: Mar 27, Messages: 1, Country:. That's a bold question. Im going to make a hombrew wii game downloader basically its going to be a place were u can upload games that u make and other people can download it to homebrew and play.

Level 9. Joined: Apr 7, Messages: Country:. You will need to start with some basic programming because you can jump to game dev. Deleted User Newbie. Deleted User and alexander like this. FAST Techromancer. Joined: Nov 21, Messages: 33, Country:. Deleted User likes this. Joined: Apr 24, Messages: 43 Country:. There are some pretty basic homebrew devkits floating around. I too been looking for official Wii SDK to no avail. Nintendo has pretty much came out to say that the Wii is just a beefed up Gamecube around the time of the Wii's launch.

If you do design a game that is compatible with the Wii's archetecture you can also put it on the Wii as a. Again, loading it onto the Wii through the Homebrew Channel. Essentially there are plenty of means to get your DIY game onto a Wii. These days finding an official Dev Kit might be easier than it was a decade ago.

Nintendo has some pretty pricey gate-keeping to developing on their consoles. It's all about software licensing to Nintendo. Indies like us have our work cut out for us and we must be crafty. Since the Wii's SDK is proprietary it's likely to be copyright sensitive. Not like that ever stopped anyone here.

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