How to make cornbread more moist

how to make cornbread more moist

How to Make Cornbread Moist

Dec 15,  · You can include about one half of a cup of sour cream to mix in with the rest of the wet ingredients of your cornbread recipe. Sour cream will add extra fat and extra moisture to the recipe while also adding a bit of a heavier texture and flavor to the cornbread’s final result. Cornbread Seminar: Eight Cornbread Recipes - Texas Cooking.

Halloween is Not Canceled! This easy hack can take your store-bought mix mae kinda dry to super moist in seconds. There are a lot of boxed cornbread and corn muffin mixes out there, how to use a sextant pdf the most popular omre probably from Jiffy. The classic mix is a staple for a reason: The recipe on the back of the box just works. But, if you prefer your cornbread on the moister side of things, you may want to incorporate some sour creammayonnaiseor vegetable oil into the mixture.

Just mix those three ingredients together and pop in the oven until the bread is golden brown. Hiw enough, right? To make boxed cornbread moist, follow this simple recipe :. Also, if your cornbread is a bit too crumbly, you may have your cornmeal-to-flour ratio out of whack. Cornbreae flour means less crumbliness.

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Cooking 101: Cornbread (Jiffy) Video

Cornbread is a Southern staple that has spread to more and more dinner tables across the country. You can make it sweet or savory, add in other ingredients like hot peppers, or try it with just a dash of your favorite spices.

With a box of Jiffy Cornbread Mix, you can whip up this savory treat in just 20 minutes. However, it can sometimes result in crumbly and dry cornbread. With a few simple tweaks, your boxed cornbread will be moist and fluffy. Adding in some vegetable oil is also an essential step left off of the box mix recipe. Oil will help make your cornbread moist and stay together, rather than crumbling apart. Just about one tablespoon should do. If you prefer a buttery flavor, use melted butter instead.

Another important tip for any cornbread style — always slather it in butter before serving. Whether you pour melted butter over the whole pan of bread, or smear a simple pat of butter in between slices, you absolutely cannot eat cornbread without butter.

A basic Jiffy Cornbread recipe calls for just milk and eggs, but adding a touch of sour cream to the mix makes for richer, creamier cornbread. Add in 1 cup of sour cream when using 2 boxes of muffin mix. Some recipes call for mayonnaise instead of sour cream to add texture and moisture. Another way to give your Jiffy Cornbread mix some extra moisture and sweetness in one go is to use thick, creamy Greek-style yogurt.

You can use plain greek yogurt as a replacement for sour cream. Or you can also use honey-flavored yogurt, and get much the same effect as when adding both sour cream and honey — thick, rich, delicious cornbread. One of the first things you can do to improve your Jiffy Cornbread recipe is to use two boxes of Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix instead of just one.

This is an option purely based on your preference. But if you like cornbread that is just a little bit sweet, simply add in one or two tablespoons of sugar and give the mix one good stir to incorporate the sugar into the mixture. When using sour cream, it takes down the sweetness a little, so you may want another tablespoon or two of sugar to make sure you get your cornbread as sweet as you like it.

As an alternative to adding sugar, you can use honey instead. This will give it a more home-style flavor, and make the edges extra crispy and golden. The combination of sour cream and honey is one of my favorites. The combo of sweet and slightly tangy is just to die for. You can add in fresh, canned, frozen or creamed corn, and it just gives your simple cornbread mix a little extra flavor and texture and makes it that much more unique and special.

A regular Jiffy box mix does call for milk, but if you add in a little bit extra, your cornbread will be that much more moist and a little denser too. Buttermilk is another alternative that can be used to give your cornbread a more home-made flavor and texture.

With any extra ingredients, especially those adding more moisture, your cornbread will need a few extra minutes in the oven. Another thing you can do to make your basic cornbread mix more exciting is to try different flavor variations. Here are some of my favorites:.

Maple makes it extra sweet, while adding in a depth of flavor that is a lovely contrast with the corn. The walnuts add in a little bit of nutty flavor, but mostly a fun crunch that contrasts with the soft, moist bread so good. The mixture of the peppers, cheese, and corn is simply divine. Serve this one up with a steaming bowl of chili. The bacon makes the bread a little extra salty and smoky, the cheese adds some mellow creaminess, and the scallions give it a bit of a fresh kick.

This version would be great for brunch! For a great stuffing base , try adding in grated, peeled apples and some chopped, fresh sage. Make sure to watch the moisture level when adding apples though! You could also go for a major herby flavor for a stuffing base, by using not just sage, but also some freshly chopped rosemary and thyme.

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Directions Preheat oven to degrees F degrees C. In a large bowl, whisk together the sour cream and eggs. Mix in melted butter and milk Add Jiffy corn muffin mix to wet ingredients then mix until well combined, but do NOT overmix.

Batter may be slightly lumpy. Pour batter into the pre-greased baking pan. Level out the batter with a spoon. Bake at degrees for 25 to 35 minutes, or until golden brown. Toothpick should come out clean when inserted into the middle of the cornbread. Serve hot and enjoy! Did you like the recipe? Click on a star to rate it! Share on social media:. We are sorry that this post was not useful for you!

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