How to make a seatbelt buckle belt

how to make a seatbelt buckle belt


Make a Seatbelt Belt: Have you ever wanted a seatbelt belt free of Blood and other stains?  I in fact did, and upon seeing a few Ibles about these particular belts, but they all required snatching a used belt from some poor, dead, defenseless car. This belt, althou Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins. For many parents with children in elementary school, the carpool line/pick up line is the worst part of the entire experience. The teachers, staff and majority of parents work hard to make sure they know the rules, follow the rules and keep the line running smoothly, but all it takes is a few parents to gum up the works, back traffic up to the main road, and create a huge delay.

This instructable shows how to make a key holder from an old car seat belt buckle. Apart from being a great place to store your keys, it can also prevent your keys from being stolen! More info 2. Have a look at the video above to see how I made it or follow the what is in a jetty punch smoothie below.

Locate an old car and cut sratbelt two of the belt buckles and latches. I used bolt cutters to cut them out and a scissors to cut bkckle strap. Using a square transfer the lines over to a second piece of wood the same size as before and mark the shape of the buckle again.

I used a router could be done by hand with chisels to remove half the thickness of the how to make a seatbelt buckle belt on each piece of wood. I glued the buckles to one seatblt of the wood using an expanding glue and clamped it in place seatvelt cured. Then applying more of the expanding glue and some wood glue I glued and clamped the two pieces of wood together. The other glue I used. After the glue had dried I cut sfatbelt holder to the size I wanted.

Doing it this way allows for a more seamless glue joint in the wood. Using black paint I painted the letters. After the paint dried I sanded the wood to give the letters clean edges. I thought the wood looked light in colour so I applied a stain and be,t a few coats of varnish as a finish. I drilled a hole with a makr bit to attach the key ring. Be careful to hold it firmly when doing this as it can spin. Attach your keys and away you go!

You could always make it bigger by adding more buckles and using a longer piece of wood. Reply hoq years ago. This is awesome! If you can't find old seat buckles, I found some extenders on ebay which should work fine! Thanks John. Good idea with the extenders I am sure how to clean a laptop monitor would work perfectly as well.

Thanks for the tip! Thank you very much for sharing! I just love all ways for repurpose seat belt buckles dont know why. Thanks for this new idea!

Thank you maniacse for viewing! I love to reusing and up-cycling lots of things not just seat belt buckles Great and ingenious project. I would figure a way to stand off more from the wall so the keys do not rub the wall. More by the author:.

About: I like sfatbelt make stuff for my home and garden from wood and metal. More About eamonwalshdiy ». If you unfamiliar with the term check out these links for more info: More info 1 More info 2.

The Glue Sratbelt used. Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Reply Upvote. Seatbept nice! Creative idea and nice craftsmanship, and the video was nicely done too! JohnS55 3 years ago. Great idea clayswenson will keep it in mind for the next one. Thank you.

What a wonderful idea. I'm gonna attempt this, thanks eamonwalshdiy! Thank you very much Kristin! Sent me a pic when you do I would love to see it.

Gabriel Mejia-Estrella 3 years ago. That's a really creative way to repurpose seat belt buckles. I never thought of that.

Step 1: Supplies

Have you ever wanted a seatbelt belt free of Blood and other stains? I in fact did, and upon seeing a few Ibles about these particular belts, but they all required snatching a used belt from some poor, dead, defenseless car. This belt, although not free, is clean, and that was a major factor for me.

In this Instructable, you'll take a two part seatbelt from a supplier, and make it into a wearable, stylish belt. This project takes in the range of hours. Get one from this website. They're cheap. The ends that attach into the car, are not useful when it comes to making a belt.

So, On a cutting block, Use your ruler and razor to cut a straight line just under the tag, successfully separating the end. Then, after they're severed, you have to fuse melt the ends so the webbing doesn't fray. In a nutshell, You run the messy end over a flame not too long, actually, just a second until the end melts.

Repeat this step for all both ends. In case you haven't checked the pictures as to which two ends I'm talking about, I'm referring to the two ends that would get attached to the car, NOT the two ends that will be the belt buckle.

Now, for the special end. Essentially, cutting the the male end see picture from the webbing. Using either razor or scissors, cut through the webbing that holds the male end, so it is not attached to anything. Please make note of the photo tag in photo 3. And, just following the continuity of making sure your effort lasts a long time, don't forget to fuse the new edge.

Now, following the pictures, Thread the webbing through the male end, and hold it when you have enough space. Next, you need to find two points, An inch and a half apart in the center of the width of the fabric that will serve as the center of the snaps.

Then, On your work space, use the ice pick to make a hole through both layers of fabric. For those of you who were wondering, the snaps are so this whole thing can fit thought your belt loops; undoing the snaps threading them through the loops, and snapping the male end back on to click the seatbelt together.

Which may not be necessary depending on the size of the buckle, or if you have big belt loops. There are usually instructions on the packaging for the snaps, but for each set, there are two bases, a cap, and a post, with the post snapping into the cap.

You insert the base through the Ice pick hole, place the post over it, and hammer it down There is usually a rubber buffer and a setter and repeat on the other side with the cap. Repeat for the second set. Note: You will need two full sets of snaps, so, x2 of what is shown in the picture.

At this point you should have two ends of a seatbelt. The male and female end, and one end with two sets of snaps. There are a couple of ways to do this step. This requires a thick needle and thread. Too much time for me. I got my two for free.

This should be your final step. If the end is two long for you, you can cut off the amount you want, and then fuse the ends. There's a plastic piece on some that is rather useless once it comes to this purpose. You can break it off, or leave it on. I left it on, and it doesn't really serve a purpose, but It wasn't really in my way. Well, now you have a hopefully stain free belt. This is my first Ible, and I put some effort into it, I hope it paid off.

Looks good. I have a buckle from my old truck and I'm going to use it to make a belt. I think I will use non-adjustable buckles and just use multiple snaps to size it. Reply 9 years ago on Introduction. You could do it yourself with a thick needle or you could bring it to an upholsterer to do That's what I did.

Introduction: Make a Seatbelt Belt. By JapaneseBuffalo Follow. More by the author:. About: I quite enjoy music, with a close second in making things.

More About JapaneseBuffalo ». Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Light Up Plaque by kaitlyn. DIY Dave 7 years ago on Introduction.

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