How to make a blowback rubber band gun

how to make a blowback rubber band gun

How to Make a Rubber Band Gun (10 Free Plans Inside)

Dec 18,  · The woodworking magazines all sell their plans for $$20 a piece. The rubber band gun plans below could easily be sold for that price and people like myself would happily pay the price. These rubber band guns are just incredible. All credit goes to the guys over at for sharing their plans and creating videos to go along with them. Aug 10,  · Much rubber band gun videos coming soonDownload construction manual ht SUPER EASY!!! how to make m4a1 rubber band gunMade of woodFriends subscribe please.

For Christmas, I wanted to make a couple of rubber band guns for my two grandsons. This being my first real CNC project, and because the kids are special, I also wanted the guns bloeback have a touch of class.

I was inspired by the nand of ZumA2 and in particular the Fenrir. I used a limited variety of wood species that I had on hand. Future builds may use some exotics such as rosewood, zebrawood, padauk, and or bubinga. All available from Rockler. Refer to the X assembly drawing file to see how the parts fit together. It is best that the 0. It should protrude equally on each side. The blind hole in the Wheel Supports should allow free rotation of the Wheel and pin.

A bit of paste wax in each hole is suggested. I chose brass for the binding posts to dress it up a bit. Aluminum is also available. I would also suggest brass or black oxide for the screws. To load, hook a rubber band to the tip of the barrel and stretch it back and hook the other end over the highest tooth on wheel.

Rotate the wheel towards the rear one tooth with your thumb and repeat until six rubber bands are loaded. This gun is meant to be a six shooter. Safety is always an issue while working with tools and also when handling devices that may launch flying objects. Be sure to wear safety glasses and use reasonable precautions. It is also recommended to apply a blaze orange color to the muzzle end of the barrel to denote it is not a real gun.

The docs file contains bllwback in dxf and pdf formats. There is how to do group email an exploded animation showing all the parts.

Question 4 months ago on Step 4. The link for the PemNuts is dead. Are these the correct size? Answer 4 bow ago. Beautiful project. My son and I, immediatly fall in love with the design. Did I misunderstood something? Reply 11 months ago. Hello jpa44, I attempted to upload a new zip file with the jow you pointed out with no success. Bowback did however add the two files in question to the downloads. Thank you for pointing that out. Regards, 2jflat. Gand 2jflat, Thank you very much for your quick answer.

I gay marriage is legal in what countries able to download the two files and everything is fine.

But I want you to know that I gubber to clear the cache of my browser to see the new files and now the "X Step Files. Best regards, jpa Hello jpa44, It appears that Instructables no longer supports Zip file format, Because of that, I uploaded all the individual files. Please try again. Reply 2 years ago. Question 2 years rubbe on Step 4. Answer 2 years ago. Unfortunately not, my software does not support those gu types. It blowabck there are file type converters online that may be helpful.

I personally think it will take away from the beauty of the woods but kids will be kids and play, yell I'm going to shoot you. Your work looks so real. I fear a police office may not be able to tell it is a toy in twilight or in a split second situation. Thank You, I sometimes get carried away to go a bit further with my projects than what is required. By 2jflat Follow. More by the author:. About: I have always enjoyed woodworking from when I was a child watching my father and brothers make or fix things up until present.

Materials: Barrel and Trigger Guard: 0. Available from Mouser if you cannot find rubbdr. I would suggest brass or black oxide finish. May be wooden. This yielded two grain and color matched pieces. These were then flattened and brought to thickness on the CNC. Then the hole and 0. Next the surface contour was cut which gave the engraving a varied depth. This step was followed with the profile cut.

I then hand sanded x slight chamfer on the outside makee edge. Sand the teeth on the Wheel to remove sharp edges that may cut the rubber bands. These parts were also sanded to be a bit thinner than the barrel allowing them to slip easily between the Side Frames. During assembly, the spring may have tendency to go flying. I found that by tying a piece of colored thread to the spring, it is much easier to find.

After the Side Frame is in place, the thread may be cut and removed before tightening the screws. See hidden lines in the drawing file.

The right and left Side Frames have captive nuts glued in to fasten the Wheel Supports. The nuts must be flush or recessed from the Side Frame surfaces to prevent interference with other moving parts. The step file c'bores are for the PemNuts. The Barrel and Trigger Guard are made from stock. Because of stock material width, you may elect to split the Trigger Guard into two upper and lower pieces. This is shown in the supporting documentation. I also made a brass name tag with the names of my grandsons.

Bow first set up a small block of wood in the Makr and trued it parallel to the x and y axis. Then attached the brass blank with double sided tape. After engraving and profiling the name tags, I removed the block and cut off the nametags with the band saw leaving about a 32nd inch of hoe still attached. This was dropped in a bowl of solvent for a few minutes until the parts separated.

This part is optional and may be added by the builder. I what i love about capricorns suggest you dry fit the entire assembly before deciding what edges and how far to apply any chamfers.

A clear finish may be applied to all parts before final assembly. A coat of paste wax rubbed on with steel gkn, then buffing with a soft cloth adds a nice satiny finish. Assembly: Refer to the X what to do portsmouth nh drawing file to see how the rubbr fit together. The dowel pins may be wood or metal. Wood blowbaco you mzke easily adjust their bliwback if required.

I use Size 16 rubber bands for ammo. Caution: Safety is always an issue while working with tools and also when handling devices that may launch flying objects. Attachments XDocs. Download View in 3D. Participated in the Woodworking Contest View Contest. Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Ant Decorations Light Up at Night. Buick Question 4 months ago on Step 4. Answer Upvote. Reply Upvote. Hello Buick, Yes, that is an equivalent how to make a blowback rubber band gun.

Colt Single Action Army Rubber Band Gun Plans

Lego Blowback Gun: Here is a Lego blowback gun. I won't be showing how to make it because it was very hard for me to build it, cause putting the rubber band correctly and the slide.

What I love the most about the woodworking community is how generous people are with sharing their plans.

The rubber band gun plans below could easily be sold for that price and people like myself would happily pay the price. These rubber band guns are just incredible. All credit goes to the guys over at RBguns. You can download the Winchester Rubber Band Gun plans here.

You can download the M9 Rubber Band Gun plans here. You can download the. You can download the Derringer Rubber Band Gun plans here. You can download the L96A1 Sniper Rifle plans here. You can download the Rubber Band Gun Target plans here. It is the best q there is and I want to build them all but this is great, please upload it.

These look great! Excellent work. I have a couple of these plans, and I intended to download the others, however it looks like the rbguns site is no longer working. I would love to build these for my son this Christmas, curious if you have some of the pdf to share? Thanks for posting your work for us to see. I have reproduced all the items in catalogue for my pleasure. Your items are fantastic. Someone out there who knows where I could buy already made Winchester and Colt single action???

The RGguns shop no longer sells them. Or someone can make them for me? If so… at waht price? I live in Quebec, Canada. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Thanks, Ben! Does anyone have the plans downloaded. The links no longer work. Thanks, Dorald… looks like their site is back online again! Many thanks for these plans.

The website worked fine for me. Thanks Harry…I love this plans,. Awesome projects for my husband. I live in Quebec, Canada Thanks. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Get instant access to of my favorite woodworking plans of all time.

You can download plans for: chairs, coffee tables, shelves, cabinets, workbenches, end tables, decks, gazebos, stools, picnic tables, night stands, porch swings, and much, much more!

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