How to get the best out of twitter

how to get the best out of twitter

How to complain to a company on Twitter: 5 savvy tips

We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow more. Twitter is where people go to discover something new and see what's happening in the world. It's the perfect place for brands to launch new products and connect to what's happening. Use these key resources to build and strengthen your presence on the platform.

These third-party apps for iOS, Android, and the web can show you interesting people and news that you might gft otherwise see. Twitter remains one of the most widely-used social media how to get the hijak khamelion around--especially in the world of technology news.

Twitter's own apps for iOSAndroidor web can be a great way to track what technology companies and leaders are up to around the world.

With those apps, you can follow accounts, create and edit lists, search, hlw bookmark tweets twifter later reference. The Twitter app offers you a couple of ways to order tweets: By algorithm e. They also allow you to save, group, and share tweets in a variety of ways. To use any of these apps, you'll need a Twitter account. You'll also need an iPhone in order to use all five of these apps, although a few offer email, Android, or web alternatives, as well.

Available on: WebiOSand Android. Nuzzel shows you the most shared tweets from people you follow. For example, a tweet shared by four people you follow will be listed above a tweet shared by three people you follow. In essence, Nuzzel re-orders tweets based on retweets from people you follow Figure A. The app also sorts Twitter lists--you can see the most shared tweets from any of your own lists, as well as any public Twitter lists created by others. This can help you see news shared among a smaller set of accounts.

The app also supports an email service, which allows you to select tweets to then share with subscribers via email. Nuzzel is a free app, although the company does offer "intelligence reports" that seek to identify important news within specific fields. Available on: iOS. Macaw shows you the most liked tweets from people you follow.

This reveals an additional set of signals: Often people like a tweet, but don't retweet it. Macaw lets you explore this set of otherwise hard-to-see tweets Figure B. Macaw shows you tweets most favorited by people you follow. It also shows you accounts followed by people in your network. Macaw also reveals accounts that people in your network have followed, and sorts these to show the most-followed accounts first.

If you've followed a smart and interesting set of people, they'll often fo you to other smart and interesting people. As of NovemberMacaw is free, with in-app donation options. The team behind Macaw also offers another service, Daily That service works much like Macaw, but via email: Select a few accounts and you'll get a daily email of the items those accounts liked and followed.

The Threader app curates and helps you read and manage multi-tweet sequences. To make a thread easier to read, the app shows you the contents of the thread, but hides the action icons e. You can also bookmark any thread you want to save to read or refer to later and adjust both the font and font size Figure D. Threader focuses solely on Twitter threads. The free app features curated threads, while the paid app adds access to threads from accounts you follow.

The free app features several threads grouped into categories, such as: Tech, Life, Business, Society, and more. New threads are selected and show daily. The upgrade also adds thd dark mode and support for offline reading of bookmarked threads. Charmwhich is free, gives you a mobile-friendly way to gather and organize groups of tweets, also known as collections.

A Twitter collection consists of a set of tweets you select and can share for any purpose. For example: When I teach a course, I have a public Twitter collection that I share with my students and add tweets to for them to explore and discuss Figure E. Charm wtitter a mobile-friendly way to gather and organize groups of tweets, also known as Twitter collections.

Charm makes it easy to search and filter tweets, then add them to a collection. You may also narrow your search to your Twitter favorites or your Thw lists, among other criteria.

If you're an avid Twitter user who wants to group and share sets of tweets, you should definitely explore Twitter twitger. In a browser, TweetDeck lets you create and manage Twitter collections. I use all five of these apps often--in some teitter, daily. Have you tried any of these apps? Have what does slg stand for in baseball stats become a pop up tent how to part of your news reading routine?

After you've given these a try, let me know what you think, either in the comments or, of course, on Twitter awolber. Editor's note on Feb.

According to an email from Mendo: "You will no longer receive Mendo emails going forward, and the app will no longer update with new content. All data will how to get the best out of twitter deleted, so please save any bookmarks elsewhere. Delivered Fridays. Andy Wolber helps people understand and leverage what game engine to use for social impact.

Watch Now. Nuzzel shows you the most retweeted items from Twitter timelines and lists. Delivered Fridays Sign up today. Editor's Picks. Ten Windows 10 network commands everyone one should know. MXLinux is the most downloaded Linux desktop distribution, and now I know why. How to blur your background in a Zoom call. Why being fired twice at 19 was the best thing for my career. Show Comments. Hide Comments. My Profile Log out. Join Discussion. Add your Comment.

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Definition of get the most out of in the Idioms Dictionary. get the most out of phrase. What does get the most out of expression mean? Share on Facebook Twitter. Get our app. Flashcards? My bookmarks? + Add current page to bookmarks. 9. Register Log in. To treat someone in a way that allows them to perform to the best of their ability. Connect your Twitter to hundreds of other services. Twitter Applets can help you manage and save tweets, keep an eye on #hashtags, and much more. It's free to use, so try it out: 56/ Chirr App - The best Twitter thread maker app. Chirr App splits your text into tweet-sized chunks and posts it as a Twitter thread, so you don’t have to. Edit. Publish now.

Not only does a higher follower count mean more influence in your industry, but also signals that your audience, leads and customers are interested in your content. According to social media statistics , nearly half of all marketers cite Twitter as their go-to network for engaging with customers. Fast-moving and so simple to use, Twitter is arguably the easiest social following to grow from scratch.

No bots, no spammy tactics. Just eight actionable steps you can take ASAP to attract valuable, flesh-and-blood followers. Some brands tweet as often as 15 or 20 times per day, though, so context and competitive analysis are important here. But given how quickly the platform moves, brands can always err on the side of posting more often rather than being reserved. The key is to not only promote yourself. The good news? The possibilities for filling up your content calendar are seemingly endless.

Tweets from your followers. Relevant industry articles. Buzzworthy stats. Breaking news. Personal updates. The list goes on and on. With shoppers of all ages wanting and needing less, marketers need to understand consumers' desire for authenticity and it's impact on their strategies.

With the help of social scheduling software, you can regularly queue up content without having to constantly tweet in real-time. This effectively allows you to attract new followers around the clock. While these numbers might vary depending on your time zone and audience, timing your tweets can help your account gain some much-needed exposure. Ideally, brands should schedule tweets to hit the times where users are more active and tweet in real-time at intervals throughout the day as well.

Not sure of when you should Tweet? As you probably know, tweets containing visual content receive more likes, shares and retweets than those without them. As such, brands should strive to couple their tweets with some sort of accompanying image. Even something as simple as a colorful blog post preview like this one from Slack can do the trick:.

Coupling your tweets with GIFs or memes has become common practice, as illustrated by Beardbrand :. Believe it or not, Olive Oil is not great for moisturizing your beard or hair. You're not cooking food, so don't cover your face with it. Meanwhile, infographics are shared three times more often than any other type of image on Twitter. And signaling the strength of video content marketing , this medium is six times more likely to be shared than a typical text-based tweet.

Interested in Management? Here are things to know before diving in. From content publishing and audience engagement to data analytics and social listening, Sprout gives you the tools you need to take your Twitter strategy to the next level. Visualize the effectiveness of Twitter campaigns past and present using the Twitter Keyword Report.

Gather insights from your industry, competitors and target markets to generate new product, service and content ideas with Advanced Listening. Start Your Free Trial. Think of hashtags as a way to make your posts searchable, almost as a form of SEO for your Twitter account. According to data and best practices on how to use hashtags , tweets with at least one hashtag receive Tacking on a couple of hashtags to any given tweet is a quick way to increase the likelihood of new followers finding your account.

Plus, doing so only takes a couple of seconds and there are plenty of hashtags to choose from. For example, you can use industry hashtags such as SEO or contentmarketing which are ideal for your professional content. Contentmarketing helped timjtopham take his side-hustle full-time! To inject some personality into your feed and to avoid sounding too suit-and-tie, you can also play with popular community hashtags such as MondayMotivation:. Additionally, you can piggyback on event-based hashtags as well think: hashtags awards shows, sporting events and anything else topical :.

Lights on? No problem. CESblackout pic. Posts brimming with hashtags look spammy at a glance and are otherwise distracting. By taking advantage of Twitter analytics , you can dig deeper into the top-performing tags for your particular brand. Sure, you can and totally should schedule tweets to optimize engagement.

You need to get in the trenches with your followers, customers and industry leaders alike. Writing out a detailed, thoughtful response will score you more potential followers than a brief one-word reply.

No consistency for me. A few s, and a few 2-hours-or-less each week. I find I'm either focused and cranking or in need of a recharge. Another smart way to get other brands interested in your account is by shouting them out. Tagging other brands as a compliment is a popular tactic to show some love to others in your industry.

How can you improve employee engagement without a big budget or fancy snacks? Just ask team askspoke. Likewise, being tagged in a tweet can help you tap into new audiences by understanding who else is sharing your content. If you want to be tagged by others, you should do the same yourself. And despite only taking a couple of seconds, retweeting your fans and followers can help introduce you to new ones, too.

These small pieces of your content strategy contribute to the bigger picture of attracting followers. In addition to a diverse content strategy, there are a few subtle steps to make your profile friendlier to new followers.

Rand Fishkin has a similarly clean-cut profile, and also throws in a mention of how often he typically posts:. Brian Honigman not only has a sleek cover photo to boot, but also tags Forbes and NYU to boost his credibility:. Simply put, fine-tuning these pieces of your profile help guarantee a positive first impression with new followers. However, syncing your contact list to Twitter can help you tap into your existing network of people most likely to follow you. Depending on the size of your contact list, this can score you a lot of new followers with very little work on your part.

The last piece of winning more Twitter followers means promoting your profile beyond the platform. For starters, they include a link to their social accounts on-site next to their opt-in form. And on a final note, Lootcrate also provides a good example of how bloggers can encourage readers to get in touch via Twitter.

This is especially valuable if you frequently guest post on other sites and want to turn those one-time readers into long-term followers. A combination of planning your content, engaging with fellow users and optimizing your profile is key to attracting new followers. Many of them only require a small commitment of time but can make all the difference in terms of new leads, customers and exposure for your brand. And on that note, what kind of traction are you seeing on Twitter these days?

Anything special you do to bring in new followers? Let us know in the comments below! Sprout Social helps you understand and reach your audience, engage your community and measure performance with the only all-in-one social media management platform built for connection.

Send us an email. Send us an email Who are you trying to contact? Sales Support Other. View all. But how do you get those followers in the first place? Here are our top 8 tips: Tweet frequently Optimize your posting time Post visual content Utilize hashtags Engage with replies, retweets and tags Create an inviting profile Identify followers within your network Draw in followers outside of Twitter No bots, no spammy tactics. Sprout Social has helped us reach our goals of having quality, timely conversations with our current and potential customers on Twitter.

It helps us identify and assist those who are stuck, discover fans, cultivate relationships and educate our users. Just ask team askspoke — Donut Donut January 11, Thanks for sharing, Mari! Resources for you. Recommended for you View All Recommended for you Recommended for you. Now on slide Now on slide Now on slide Now on slide.

Build and grow stronger relationships on social Sprout Social helps you understand and reach your audience, engage your community and measure performance with the only all-in-one social media management platform built for connection.

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