How to get dog urine smell out of bed

how to get dog urine smell out of bed

How to Get Pee Out of a Mattress: 6 Easy Steps

Jun 02,  · Baking soda is excellent for odor removal, so if the stain carries a stubborn smell, baking soda may be precisely what you need to neutralize it. Baking soda is also adept in absorbing moisture. To apply the baking soda, sprinkle liberally . Oct 27,  · For best results in neutralizing urine odors in your mattress, spread a thin layer of baking soda out over the entire mattress surface. If a specific area smells more strongly, you can use a slightly thicker layer of baking soda. Allow the baking soda to sit, uncovered, for 5 .

We all love our pets. However, even the best and well-trained canine companions can have an accident. Your pups urine contains elements such as creatinine, urea, uric acid, hormones, enzymes, potassium, ammonia, and many others that combined cause a nasty odor. In other words, your mattress will continue to hwo like dog pee. The same rule applies for most Smwll, homemade solutions what is autoimmune protocol diet use baking soda, dish soap, bleach, or vinegar.

If you want to get rid of dog urine smell for good, your best bet will be to invest what does a groundskeeper do an enzyme cleaner. Enzymes are protein molecules in the cells of living organisms, which act as a catalyst of different biochemical processes inside a cell by accelerating chemical reactions.

Translation: when you use enzyme-based products against dog pee smell, the solution vet breakdown the ge chemicals, such as uric acid crystals, into two separate elements — carbon dioxide and ammonia. These components on their own will evaporate into the air. Like with everything, good quality products will work better than their brd versions.

Share to:. How to Clean Your Mattress and Remove the Smell Correctly If you want to get rid of dog urine smell for good, your best bet will be to invest in an enzyme cleaner. How to Use an Enzyme Cleaner Correctly If your dog has had the accident recently, and the stain is still wet, blot it with a paper towel.

Remove as much of the liquid as possible before you proceed. Apply the cleaning product directly to the ot area and let it sit for five to six minutes. Remember to read the label for any specific instructions beforehand. After five minutes, get a clean urihe of cloth or paper towel and absorb the excess product. Top the treated area with a bit of baking soda. Make sure the whole spot is completely covered. Let the soda sit for hours.

When the recommended time has passed, vacuum the soda and air out your mattress. Additional Tips to Keep in Mind Invest in a high-quality product. Repeat the enzyme cleaning process a few times for best results. Work fast. Fresh stains are a lot easier to remove than old ones. Kut your mattress in a waterproof mattress protector to prevent future accidents.

Get a bed for your dog. Consider a high-end vacuum cleane r that will help you tackle bacteria and other dust mites efficiently.

A. Method A: Vinegar and Baking Soda

Owning a dog has many benefits but also many challenges, including things like urine stains when accidents happen. Urine leaves behind unpleasant colors and lingering odors that can make your mattress unsightly and unappealing. You can even do it without having to purchase harsh commercial cleaning products. So, once you discover the accident, set to work using these quick steps to clean the stain and dog pee smell out of your mattress.

Remove the sheets and bedding. Immediately after discovering the accident, remove all of your bedding. You need to strip your mattress of any of the sheets or blankets on the bed at the time of the accident.

Urine stains set quickly, so you need to instantly get these washable items into the washing machine with medium-strength laundry detergent. Once you wash your bedding once, the urine smell could still linger or the stain might still be somewhat visible. If that is the case for you, add a cup of white vinegar into the mix and rewash them. Blot the soiled area. You might have to use quite a few, depending on how much excess liquid is on the mattress. Do not scrub the spot.

Scrubbing only pushes the fluid further into the fabric. The deeper it goes, the harder it will be to remove the stain and odor thoroughly.

No matter how bad the smell or the stain, vinegar can help you get rid of it. Take your prepared spray bottle and pour in 2 cups of cold water. Add 1 cup of white vinegar and 2 to 3 tablespoons of laundry detergent. Liberally spray the vinegar solution over the stain, all the way to the edges. Really soak it to get the vinegar solution to dilute down to whatever level the stain is at and break up the odorous molecules. Once you have soaked the urine-stained mattress with the vinegar, allow it to sit and soak in for 10 to 15 minutes.

Using a clean cloth or more paper towels, blot the area of your vinegar soak once again. Instead, this should have brought up any further urine on the surface and underneath and with it, the smell.

Now is the time to cover the whole soiled area with baking soda. Allow it to sit there for at least 8 hours and up to Do not let any pets or kids get into the baking soda mess that you have created. Baking soda is one of the most effective cleaning solutions for getting odors out of fabrics.

Bring out the vacuum, and use a hose attachment to suck up the mess in a matter of minutes. If the baking soda is not entirely dry, allow it to sit for longer. From here, your options are to repeat steps 4 through 8 or to put the bedding back on the bed. Decide which suits your needs by carefully inspecting the mattress for any lingering smells or visual evidence of the stain. If the room still has traces of the smell, use an air purifier to reduce the doggy odor.

If the area was caught quickly, you should only need to go through the steps once. If your dog has incontinence issues, it is best to keep them out of the bedroom and off the bed unless you monitor them. Even then, it might not be worth it. Whatever happens, as long as you catch the accident early and begin the cleaning process immediately, you should be able to eradicate all evidence.

An avid animal lover, Roland started this blog to help all varieties of pets and their owners on their journey to living their best lives. Last Updated: April 7, Owning a dog has many benefits but also many challenges, including things like urine stains when accidents happen.

What You Will Need:. Roland Jakob. Contents 1. Go back to the mattress and blot, blot, blot. Make a vinegar solution.

Soak the mattress with the vinegar solution. Give the solution time to soak. Blot the mattress over again. Bring out the baking soda.

Vacuum clean the baking soda. Repeat It or Finish the Job Related.

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