How to do missions on poptropica

how to do missions on poptropica

24 Carrot Island Guide (Original)

Apr 18, Once you get the Empty Bucket, hop down and click on the octopus. Hell squirt some ink into the bucket and youll now have aBucket of Ink. Climb to the ledge once more and use the Bucket of Ink while standing on the ledge. You will pour the ink all over the man with the key, and he will drop the key. Go into your inventory and Assemble the pieces. You will then have to lock into place each of the pieces until everything fits into a perfect circle. After assembling the key, close the window and go back to the alien door. Once you get there, click the strange-looking seat next to the door.

Poptropica is an online role-play browser game created by Jeff Kinney and Family Education Network for kids ages 6 In the game, players, called Poptropicans travel to different islands and complete quests on them. So far there are forty-five islands released on Poptropica and over , Poptropicans.

Poptropica creates a lot of merchandise, including the Tk Blimp toy and many outfits, all of which are sold at the Poptropica Shop. They also make action figures, plush models, and "Pocketeers," which are two-inch toys. Click "Expand" for a list of islands by release year.

So far, Poptropica has created two video games. The first one is called Poptropica Adventures. Common Rooms are rooms where you can chat or challenge other players head-to-head. Nearly every island have their own Common Room. Below is the list of most of the island Common Rooms:. Also called MiniquestsMini-Islands are quest that looks ob the island fo, but shorter and go easier. The Mini-Islands can be bought on Poptropica Store with various xo. However, since latethe Mini-Islands would not cost any credits.

Below is a list of Mini-Islands released on Poptropica:. There's also a Mini-Island play called Blimp Adventure. The S. S Island Bonus Quest. In DecemberPoptropica started releasing bonus quests for members.

The bonus quest can be unlocked when you finish selected islands. The islands that have Bonus Quests are:.

On July 6,Poptropica started allowing players to replay islands, while keeping all the Island Medallions they had already earned. After you finished the island numerous times, you'll get to see how many times you've completed it. A port of Poptropicamade in JavaScript, was announced in and first available to the public on March 11, The most recent version of the port can be ti here. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Categories :. Universal Conquest Wiki.

Ghost Story Island everyone S. Early Poptropica. Shark Tooth. Coconut Cafe. Time Tangled. Party Time Tower. Super Power. The Daily Paper. Spy Island. The Hair Club. Fly-By-Night Poptrpoica. Big Nate. Cap'n Salty's. Crop Circle Inn. The Moldy Baguette Inn. Reality TV. Midas' Gym. The Broken Barrel. Steamworks Gear Shop. Great Pumpkin. Flying Ace Cafe. Wild West. Dusty Gulch Hotel. Wimpy Wonderland. Photo Gallery. Red Dragon. Frog Creek Library. Shrink Ray.

Sweet Dreams Candy Shop. Mystery How to remove oil stains from brick pavers. Reverie Lounge. Game Show. Robo-Bling Boutique. Ghost Story. Visitor Center. Daggoo's Fish Misaions. Vampire's Curse. A Farm. Ro Thicket. Poptropolis Games Poptropolis Training Hall and Gym.

Wimpy Boardwalk. Laser Tag. Lunar Colony. Final Frontier Gift Shop. Super Villain. You Know The Drill Eatery. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The Post Office. Cinema B. Night Watch. Back Lot.

Missioons Wax Museum. Virus Hunter. Town Hall. The Blue Locust Restaurant. Monster Carnival. Ice-Cream Shop. The Facili-tee, Atrium. Arabian Nights. Rumi's Rugs. Galactic Hot Dogs. Intergalactic Arcade. Mystery of the Map. Viking Grotto. Timmy Failure. Maury's Museum of World Records. Escape From Pelican Rock.

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Oct 20, Climb aboard your blimp and explore the vast, uncharted Island chains of Poptropica. Steer clear of hazards and discover exotic Islands beneath the clouds. Take to the Islands and embark on quests, discovering the secrets of Poptropicas past one artifact at a time. Welcome to Mission Atlantis, a series of three Island adventures that first appeared on the Poptropica map in ! Episode one takes you Into the Deep, where your mission is to capture footage of rare sea creatures for Cam Jameson. Poptropica Worlds is a game brought to you by the creators of Poptropica. You will be able to dive into additional quests and islands, like Crisis Caverns and Greek Sea Odyssey! We've added a new feature to give hints to players in Poptropica Worlds islands. Click the .

But a stunning discovery leads you to a brand new mission! Now, you need to find a way inside. Here they are for reference click to enlarge :. After reading the files, jump up to the top of the boat and talk to the guy with a beard and hard hat. Get to it by scaring away the bird on the pole on the right side of the boat. Once you get the Empty Bucket, hop down and click on the octopus.

Climb to the ledge once more and use the Bucket of Ink while standing on the ledge. You will pour the ink all over the man with the key, and he will drop the key.

You can then pick up his Key while he frets over his messy helmet. Click it to open the lid, and then click once more to hop inside the sub. Once you are underwater, you can move around by dragging your mouse. Make him come out by nudging him a bit, then click on him, and let your sub pod record some Sea Dragon footage. This terrain is a little deeper, and whenever you hit a wall, the sound is outrageous, so be warned.

The next fish you will need to find is the stone fish. Hide in the seaweed next to him and wait for him to come out. There are multiple cuttle fish here, but you need to get footage of the rare purple one. There is a problem, however, and your job will not be so easy. The purple cuttle fish only shows up in the red seaweed. There is only one purple cuttle fish, and only one red patch of seaweed. You have to guide it to the top, one patch at a time. Use the picture below if you need help on the arrangement of all the cuttle fish in order to snap footage of the purple Cuttle Fish.

Once you have him filmed, you can make your way to the left side of the area. You will find a barreleye fish inside an underwater tunnel. This thing looks like something from your nightmares! You must clog various pipes in order to blow the fish along the tunnel and out the other side of it.

After you get some footage of the Barreleye Fish , continue to the next area. You need about 3 fish following you in order to successfully record the angler fish. While collecting the fish, remember not to bump into the purple urchins that will scare away them away. Now return to the reef. When you get there, you will see an ultra rare Hydromedusa! The director encourages you to follow it in order to film it, so follow it into the next area. The place that you end up in is a ledge leading to the deepest waters.

The Hydromedusa will be floating above the pit. Make your way over to it and click on it to snap a picture. At this point, you will be awarded the island medallion for Episode 1 and be left with the mystery of Atlantis what will you find in the adventures ahead? To get past the purple glass wall, ram your submarine into the wall until it breaks.

You have entered the scene known as the alien area. Click it to get a snapshot of it. Go around and break the glass, collecting at least 4 cute little fishies to travel along with. As you make your way up, suddenly, a shark appears in all of its scary glory. The two puzzle keys are hidden in two walled-off areas.

One down, two to go. Use the photo below for reference click to enlarge. The objective in this area is to connect all of the hydromedusa jellyfish , which surround a glowing ball on the bottom left corner of this area, to outlets all around the area.

You can do so by moving close to the hydromedusa culmination, thus making one of them follow you. Lead it to one of the 6 outlets and then let it find its way to them. After connecting, the each outlet will unlock a different door in the maze. Inside, you will find more outlets to connect the hydromedusa , glyphs to take snapshots of , and puzzle keys to pick up.

After connecting 6 hydromedusa, lead the last to the power cell in the bottom right corner of the area. You can use the picture below for reference click to enlarge. You can then press the big red button on the right side of the page to suck a puffer fish through the pipes and into the power cell. You may have noticed that there are two puzzle keys stuck in separate pipes to collect them, rearrange the pipes once again to blow them out.

You will then have to lock into place each of the pieces until everything fits into a perfect circle. After assembling the key, close the window and go back to the alien door.

Turn each ring of the circle until it matches each other. Then, using the mysterious glyph files, press the glyphs buttons in their proper order see the picture below for reference:. Now, the alien door will open up, sucking your bubble sub into the unknown. As the story concludes, Cam receives a mysterious message in an alien language from an unknown entity.

The episode concludes, leaving us to wonder about its identity. Congratulations, you have completed Mission Atlantis: Fortress of the Deep! Hopefully whatever is on the other side is friendly. Go to the right. And I mean all the way to the right until you reach the area just after the room with multiple weird cages: the laboratory. This will take you through the main deck. While in the main deck, you will receive a cryptic message.

Continue right. Once in the laboratory, go up one scene, landing you in the living quarters. Go around the sphere and traverse until you see a green button on the ground. When you click on it, a green power disk will pop up.

It is your duty to push this green power disk to where it goes into elsewhere in that certain area. Okay then. Go down and exit the area. Use the picture below for reference the red arrows are where you should go, and the green arrows are where you need to hit the disk. Go up and press the first red button you see. Go to the left and summon the green power disk by clicking on the green button again. Bringing the disk, go to the right, press the red button again, and go up.

When you see the green gate, leave the the disk there because there are lasers further up that disintegrate the green disk and go up by yourself. Push the red button up there and then go back down to the green disk. Take that disk through the path you just opened up and place it in that station. The mysterious messenger will then talk about life support, leaving you more confused.

Use the picture below for reference follow the red lines with just your sub, follow the green lines with the disks. Circles on the lines are where you start, triangles are where you stop.

Now, go back down and go back to where you saw that ginormous creature in its cage. Follow the path that the serpent opened up to you. Push the disk towards the right, towards the big hole in the wall, yet careful not to be too close yourself. When you see the monster come to collect a power disk snack, back away and let it eat the disk. Press it and one of the gates will open up. Go back to the green button and summon another green disk. This time, go around from the way you came into this serpent infested area and go down the newly opened path.

Follow the sphere out of the serpent area and then go back to where you had to push all those buttons. Go through the originally closed off entrance and head on up. You can keep them as a costume though.

You put them all together and you find out that the aliens within this mechanism have been stuck underwater ever since the extinction of dinosaurs millions of years ago. Suddenly, the spaceship starts activating around you and you find that you have to get out of here, now. Go back down and go to the left where you started your adventure.

Luckily, these aliens are friendly and are grateful for you helping them, so they teleport you away. Meanwhile, back on the S. The workers look on, aghast, as the spaceship flies off into deep black space.

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