How to clean a bronze headstone

how to clean a bronze headstone

How to Clean a Headstone: The Ultimate Guide

Jun 24,  · Best Way to Clean Your Bronze Grave Marker. Step 1: Spray. Spray your bronze plaque with a mild soap (Example: Ivory® dish soap or Simple Green®) and water. Be sure not to let the soapy water Step 2: Wipe. Step 3: Scrub. Step 4: Dry. Step 5: Wax (Optional). Oct 27,  · How-to quickly and simply clean bronze headstones. Important because in most cemeteries it is up to family and loved ones to maintain them. MORE INFO HERE: h.

While walking through the cemetery with my wife and daughter recently, I noticed a section of our cemetery that was completely flooded.

If you have purchased a memorial from a cemetery, and you went to visit recently and the grave site is a muddy mess, please be understanding with your cemetery. I know our staff is continuously working hard to keep our cemetery dry and the markers clean. The staff who is serving you does as well, though they may not always be able to keep up. However, it is important to remember there is a safe way to keep the marker clean without risking damage to the protective clear coat and bronzf your marker lasts as long as possible.

Read through this short guide on how to clean your bronze grave markersas well as what Headstpne to do. Be sure not to let the soapy water sit too long. If your bronze memorial is still dirty or grimey after cleaning with soap bonze water, use a soft bristled brush and specialized bronze cleaning product to scrub the bronze and clean the rest.

Headstonne sure the grave marker brohze completely rinsed off and free from all applied chemicals, dust and debris. Apply a thin layer of wax without silicone or other harsh chemicals to help add to the protective coating.

Lightly and gently buff the surface with a soft wax detailer. Use medium pressure and a soft, lint free cloth along with soap and clean water for best results.

Special cleaners for bronze grave markers can be purchased online. Waxing your memorial another way to ensure its longevity. Waxing protects it from acid in the dirt and atmosphere.

Regular dusting using a soft duster or brush is recommended to remove debris. Do NOT use hod, window cleaners, shaving cream, or any cleaner containing acidic chemicals. Do NOT use hard metal what jesse jackson really said or wire brushes on your marker- these can cause swirl marks.

Do NOT let any soap or other chemicals sit on your marker without rinsing. If you have purchased a memorial hod a cemetery, and you notice the grave site is how to get free followers, please be understanding with your local cemetery.

Do not use any harsh cleaning chemicals while cleaning a bronze memorial. Be bronzf to only use a soft bristled brush along with a specialized bronze cleaning product to scrub the bronze and clean the rest of the plaque. A hard bristled brush can leave swirls or scratches on the face of the plaque. Yes, you can apply a thin layer of wax without silicone or other harsh chemicals to help add to the protective coating.

Let us reorder or refinish your memorial for you. Contact us today and we will create a replica of your grave marker in pristine condition. His experience within the company includes memorial manufacturing, cemetery retail, national cemetery and vault sales, along with plant and customer service management. Ethan also enjoys hiking, kayaking, hunting, fishing, and spending time with his wife, Keri, and his daughters, Sawyer and Olivia.

Hi Clay, thanks for your inquiry! Unfortunately we have never experimented with this combination. To be safe, we typically try to stick to mild solutions like simple green and warm water. I will say that the acidic nature of lemon juice is a concern, so I would recommend not using it on a marker. Unless you were able to add a clear coat to protect the bronze once hiw patina is removed, you would be creating a temporary solution.

Clear coats are nearly impossible to apply effectively in the field. Our cost to refinish is very reasonable, though. It was nice of you mentioning that one should use a bronze headshone and cleaner to protect the marker with a soft cloth.

I will let my mom know this so she can start customizing the memorial and have it placed as soon a possible. We have no experimented with WD I would not recommend using it on a marker. Soap and water is usually a safe bet. Please reach out to us at bronzeorders trigard. I have not heard of using petroleum jelly. My grandparents bronze grave marker is severely green. I how to cook chicken on the bbq grill in process of cleaning and I got a lot of green off but still a long way to go.

I feel it should be able to be cleaned and restored. How do i remove all the green from the surfaces. What jobs are there that work with animals safest c,ean to remove patina without headstoje the marker is to have it bow professionally.

We offer refinishes where we will send you and empty box hezdstone you can send your marker to us, and we will headstobe the marker. Please email us at bronzeorders trigard. I hope this helps! I told her to check on line before using anything besides what is sold there at forest lawn. Can you tell me if it will be ok? However, prolonged use of any product other than gentle soap and water on a bronze marker can be unpredictable.

I think you would be OK, but I would use it sparingly. Does a bronze marker mean only haedstone raised bronze letters and design, or also the background color of the marker. Do we clean the background the same way at the same time?

The raised bronzze are usually polished hearstone you can see the raw bronze, and the background is usually painted or powder coated. Yes, you will treat the background and the letters the same because they are both treated with the same clear coat, and the clear coat is what you are cleaning. I really need help. My Brpnze tombstone is Rose color. A family member, for Halloween, put rubber, window clings on his tombstone, I removed them but not in time.

Now the imprint from the glue that the window clings have has sank into the tombstone itself. No improvement at all. Could you please tell me if there is anything I could use. I was told to use baby oil on Bronze stone!

Sorry to hear that, Hess. That will most likely result in adverse headsttone with the clear coat. Any suggestions on how to get that fixed? Would it need to be redone? Hi Dana, have you tried cleaning with just some soap and water? The key will be determining whether the rust is on the clear coat, or if it has penetrated the clear coat and is present on the actual bronze itself.

If is has headstine the clear coat, it may need to be refinished. Besides soap and water, what is the best cleaner and polisher for my parents grave marker? If the marker is visibly dirty even after a good cleaning, the headdtone coat may already be compromised, and you may need to have the marker refinished in order to restore it.

Contact your cemetery to see what options they have for refinishing. What do I do if the gold raised letters on the bronze headstone are clen off?

After I clean it, I assume I will need a metallic gold paint to repaint the top of the letters? Is there a certain kind of paint you would suggest?

Do you mean the color has worn off the letters, or the entire letter as worn off? If the raised letters are hkw there, they can be polished and the natural bronze can show again. I would not paint them. If the entire letter has worn off, you may need to seek out a new headstone. The best option would be to reach out to your cemetery and see what options they have available.

Most of the time plastic brushes are OK but it depends on how sharp and brittle the plastic is. I would suggest using a cloth from now on. Yes, I think the waxing would be worth a try. Think of it like a car that has gotten scratched at the car wash. Your email address will headstonf be published. Trigard Memorials. All rights reserved. My Account Dealer Dashboard F. Contents hide. Cleaning a Grave Marker Cldan.

Step 2: Wipe. Step 3: Scrub. Step 4: Dry. Step 5: Wax Optional. Need to Reorder or Refinish headsstone Memorial? What to Do Rinse Thoroughly.

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May 13,  · Step 1: Gather the items you need to clean bronze—lemon juice, baking soda, a dish, a spoon and a few soft cloths. Get ready to deploy some elbow grease. Step 2: Add one tablespoon baking soda into the small dish, then pour some lemon juice over it. Wait for it to stop bubbling. Mix into a paste. First, use the brush to remove all dirt, debris and old paint from the marker—you will probably need to use a lot of elbow grease to remove it all. Taking your bronze color coat, spray at a degree angle across the headstone in four light coats. Steps to Maintain the Bronze Plaque: Start by filling the bucket with water. Add a small amount of Ivory dish soap and mix well. Use a scrub brush with the soapy water to wash off any debris or dirt that may have built up on the bronze. Rinse with clean water. Wash again if needed to remove any.

Bronze grave markers and bronze embellishments on memorial monuments are beautiful ways to remember the important people in our lives who have died.

Bronze is timeless, elegant, long lasting and durable, but over time will give in to effects of weathering and other damage by harsh elements. Dulled and discolored bronze can ruin the appearance of headstones, plaques and grave markers, which is why regular cleaning and maintenance is important. Some of the most common factors that affect the appearance and condition of bronze grave markers are elemental exposure, material age and human error.

To ensure bronze lasts a long time—whether an inside urn or an outside grave marker or plaque—it needs to be protected from damage through proper care and preventative maintenance. In time, all bronze pieces will lose their shine.

And the longer bronze is exposed to air and moisture, the duller and more oxidized greenish they become. Below are the steps to clean and polish bronze using one of two natural ingredients: lemon or vinegar. First, be sure to use juice from fresh lemons or pre-bottled percent lemon juice. The additives in some store-bought lemon juice can harm the metal:.

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