How to change the wifi password on a cisco router

how to change the wifi password on a cisco router

Cisco Default Password List

Cisco V change password. Visit the Admin Console by visiting in your Internet browser. Log in with the following information: Username: cusadmin; Password: You can find this password printed on the white sticker on your Shaw Wireless Modem (Cisco), referred to as the S/N (usually a 9-digit number starting with 2xxxxxxxx). Click Login. Jul 15,  ·

Your Wi-Fi password guards your wireless network against snoopers, drive-by hackers, and other types of threats. For that reason, your password should be complex enough to be difficult to guess yet still be straightforward enough for you to remember and use.

The actual steps will vary based on the brand and model of your routerbut the basic process is the same. The only real downside to changing your Wi-Fi password is that after it is reset, you will have to log back into your network from every wireless device in your home, including any PCs, mobile devices, smart TVs, Blu-ray players, streaming media playersgaming consoles, and other smart home devices.

That's a fair amount of work, but if it improves your Wi-Fi security, the results should be worth the effort. The first step is to sign into your router's firmware. To do this, open your browser and type the IP address for your router in the address field. Most routers are assigned an address of Type that number and press enter.

If that's the right address, you should see a login window asking you to enter the username and password for your router's firmware, which should be listed on the router. If that standard address doesn't work, there's a quick way to find your router's IP address. Type cmd in the Windows 10 search field and open Command Prompt. In Windows 8. With Command Prompt open, type ipconfig. Look for the Default Gateway entry, and use that IP address to connect to your router.

Click View hardware and connection properties to see details about your various network connections. Type that address in your browser's address field and press Enter. At your router firmware's home page, select a tab that says Wireless, or something similar.

Make sure your security is set to WPA2, currently the strongest level of encryption available for personal Wi-Fi networks though a stronger WPA3 is on the way. Next, look for an entry for your current password. Type the new password in the appropriate field. Keep in mind the golden rules of creating a good password.

Make it long enough, use alphanumeric characters and special characters or symbols, and consider a passphrase instead of a conventional password. If you need help, here are some tips for cooking up a good password and remembering the longer ones.

You can how to turn off audio description on samsung tv turn to a random password generator if you need help. Click Apply and your settings are updated. You may be done changing the password, but the real work—signing back into your network on every device in the house—is just getting started. By Lance Whitney April 16,p. Image: Getty.

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Change that default admin password before you get hacked

From the GUI, you cannot change a password for a management user -- you can only add new users or remove old ones. (Under Management > Local Management Users) From the Command Line (telnet/ssh), you can change the password for an already created username: config mgmtuser password: "config mgmtuser password "Hope this helps! May 01,  · Here is an example of setting the aux port on a Cisco router to prompt for a user-mode password with a console cable connected (this port can be used with or without a modem): Router#config t. While configuring a Linksys router with a password, every computer at the place is required to know that password to connect to the network. Due to its authenticity.

Wireless networking operates by sending information over radio waves, which can be more vulnerable to intruders than a wired network. You can keep your network more secure by configuring the basic wireless settings of the router.

This article aims to show you how to configure the basic wireless settings of the RVW Router. Step 1. Step 2. Ensure that the Enable Radio check box is checked to activate wireless networks.

This option is checked by default. Note: The RVW is equipped with a physical switch for the wireless radio. It must be in the ON position to be able to manipulate this page. Step 3. In the Wireless Network Modedrop-down list, choose a wireless network mode. Note: If your wireless client devices operate on a specific wireless network mode, it is best to choose that network mode.

For example, if your wireless devices only support the Subsequently, if you have a range of devices that operate on different wireless network modes, it is best to choose one of the mixed network mode options. Step 4. Otherwise, skip to Step 6. Step 5. Optional Choose the appropriate radio button to set a channel as primary. Note: For this example, Lower is chosen. The radio buttons may be grayed out if Channel is set to Auto. To change this, skip to Step 6. Step 6. In the Channel drop-down list, choose the channel.

Note: Choosing Auto allows the router to automatically change wireless frequency to the least congested channel. If there are numerous devices operating on the 2. Most consumer grade access points default to Channel 6. By choosing Channel 1 or Channel 11, you eliminate potential interference among your devices.

The channel varies slightly in frequency range and speed. If you choose the lower frequency, you will have a longer wireless range but slower speed. If you have a higher frequency, you will have shorter wireless range but faster speed. In this example, the wireless channel is left at Auto, which is also the default setting. Step 7. By classifying outgoing IP Traffic as voice data, these types of application can increase battery life and minimize transmit delays.

However, this option is enabled by default. Step 8. Limit the number of clients allowed to be associated with the radio frequency by entering a value ranging from in the MAX Associate d Clients field. The default is Note: In this example, the maximum amount of associated clients is You should now have successfully configured the basic wireless settings for the 2. In the Wireless Network Mode drop-down list, choose a wireless network mode.

The options are:. Choose the wireless band under Channel Bandwidth. Note: For this example, Upper is chosen. The radio buttons may be greyed out if Channel is set to Auto. In the Wireless Channel drop-down list, choose the wireless channel. Depending on your device, the available channels will vary. Optional Check the Enable Multi-User MIMO check box to enable concurrent downstream communication to multiple wireless devices for more efficient use of the spectrum. This is enabled by default. Step 9.

Limit the number of clients allowed to be associated with the radio frequency by entering a value ranging from in the MAX Associated Clients field. You should now have successfully configured the basic wireless settings for the 5 GHz band. You can edit multiple SSIDs at the same time.

The default SSID name is ciscosb1. The default setting of the first SSID is disabled. Step Optional Check the Show password check box to display the password in plain text. With wireless isolation enabled, clients connected to the same SSID will not be able to ping each other. This feature allows you to assign different processing priorities to different types of traffic. You can configure Quality of Service QoS to provide different priorities and levels of performance to different applications, users, or data flows.

To learn how to configure WPS, click here. Choose a radio button to either permit or deny users from accessing the wireless network based on their MAC address.

Note: In this example, Prevent PC listed below from accessing the wireless network is chosen. Optional Click the Show Client List button to display the list of the connected wireless clients. Note: In this example, there are no clients in the Wireless Client List. Click Apply. Captive Portal diverts users to a portal to login to before they are given access. This is typically implemented in business centers, malls, coffee shops, airports, and other places that provide public wireless Internet access.

Optional Choose a captive portal profile in the Portal Profile drop-down list. You should see the confirmation message that the configuration settings have been saved successfully.

The Wireless Table is now updated with the newly configured network.

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